Thursday, September 2, 2010

Buh Bye

I am so OVER summer.

I love summer, don't get me wrong. And I love me some hot, HOT temperatures. And while I don't actually LOVE the humidity, I don't mind it, and I'll even admit that sometimes, on a nice summer night, it can feel really comforting to walk outside into a warm, cozy blanket of air.

But it's about this time every year where I start to grow more than a little tired of it. I start to crave things like sweaters and low humidity and Uggs and - god help me - jacket weather. Fall is absolutely, positively, without a DOUBT my favorite season.

And one of these days it'll get here.

One thing I'm not OVER? At all?

Watermelon. This isn't even particularly GOOD watermelon, if I'm being honest with you, but damn is it tasty anyway.

And...okay. I made quite the statement on Twitter the other day vehemently objecting to the fact that Starbucks was launching its pumpkin spice latte this week. I mean, it's not even LABOR DAY YET, for the love of god. If it's 94 degrees and 87% relative humidity, I am NOT in the mood for pumpkin.

Um. But it's been a hard day today. And honestly, it's been a bit of a hard week and a bit of a hard month. And I was sitting here struggling through some stuff I need to get filed, and something occurred to me.

It's not exactly 94 degrees in my office. Actually, considering the fact that I'm wearing a blazer AND an airplane blanket on my lap and I'm still a bit's probably not even 70 in here.

And I do love, love, LOVE me some fall. And maybe having a little bit of pumpkin spice latte -- even if it's seasonally inappropriate -- would be inspiring. In a "oh boy it's almost fall, the universal season of new beginnings and opportunities!"

(and by "universal," I mean "for people in America who are going back to school," and by "new beginnings and opportunities," I mean "getting a new schedule of classes and a whole lot of fresh notebooks and back-to-school shopping." But whatever. I could use a bunch of that and I'm pretty sure most people would agree with me.)


Here we have it. I replaced my usual afternoon squares of some-form-of-salted-dark-chocolate with a jumping-the-season latte. And it's goddamn delicious. But the thought of drinking this outside in the 94 degree weather? Anyone who does that is farking nuts.

Looking forward to the gym tonight. Last night I warmed up with a five-minute run on the treadmill and then blew through P90X chest/shoulders/tris. The gym was blessedly empty, which is unusual for a weeknight. Tonight I'm thinking a five miler of some kind...maybe speedwork/intervals, maybe a tempo? I don't know, but my body is SCREAMING at me to run.

Gotta love that.


  1. Yummm! I actually meant to google today to find out when the PSL would be back! I am also excited that Dogfish Punkin beer is now in stores (I think as of yesterday?). I love all things fall and all things Pumpkin!

    Though it is gross in Philly today, I am keeping my sights on this weekend where there is only a high of 78, which means the first weekend I don't have to wake up at some god-awful hour to complete my 11-miler!

  2. Also, I just found out the Lululemon store has a run club, and they have organized training runs for ING every Saturday at 8 am - have you ever gone? I am thinking of hitting it up this week for my 11.

  3. I haven't gone to the lululemon training runs - mostly bc I've generally done my long runs on Sundays, just by luck of the draw. But I do keep thinking to myself that I should start joining them, bc running with others is SO much easier.

  4. I agree! Well I plan to go tomorrow, maybe I will see you there!

  5. noooo don't wish away summer!

    while I enjoy a lot of things about fall...cold weather is NOT one of them. It has already been dropping into the 60s at night down here and that is FAR too chilly for me :-/