Saturday, September 4, 2010

Someday I'll be Saturday Night

Sometimes I have to remind Sophie that she's not a cat.

Sometimes, the best thing for a Saturday night in is Indian.

Especially when you find a new place to try. A new place that gets rave reviews. And, most importantly, a new place that will ACTUALLY DELIVER TO YOU. (Unlike our current favorite place, which is freaking delicious but which just will NOT expand their delivery area to our neighborhood.)

Since we were trying a new place, we ordered a bunch of stuff to test out. A sampler, if you will.

My entree choices were bainghan bharta and saag paneer.

Ho-leeeee crap. The saag paneer in particular just blew our other Indian place out of the water. Thick and creamy and big, fat chunks of paneer.

The eggplant was excellent also - chunks of tomato, much less like the eggplant puree I generally grab from our other place.

Also delicious is the onion bhaji that PhillyGuy ordered. I dipped mine in mango chutney.

And, of course, naan. Big, fat, thick, pillowy naan.

The verdict? OMGOMGOMGOMG. We will be ordering from Tiffin again.

The rest of our night is going to be spent on the couch in an Indian food coma, watching Mad Men.

Kind of like these guys.

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  1. This is making me want Indian food, like, now.

    And at least your dog is little! My 55 pound dog lies on the back of our chair like that too. Eventually she's going to completely ruin it :-/