Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 11

It was a GOOD RUN today several days ago when I started this post.

I was a little nervous about this week's long run. Not only was I on target for eleven miles - the furthest I've ever run - I was doing it solo. But I shouldn't have worried.

I estimated that it would take me close to two hours - and I beat that time by a few minutes. I started from my house and ran down 24th Street to Locust, picked up the Schuylhill River trail, ran up behind the Art Museum to Kelly Drive, did the Kelly/West River loop, and then back down the river trail. I hit 11 miles right at the corner of 24th and Locust, which gave me a nice half mile to walk home.

I was feeling really, really good. Every time I've run the loop, I've used the East Falls bridge as my first walking break, and then picked up again on West River. On Sunday, I started feeling the distance a bit by mile 8, and I told myself it was fine to walk/run a bit. I ran half a mile, walked for a bit, and repeated as necessary until I was done...sort of.

During the last quarter mile, I ran straight into some kind of dog-walking Halloween extravaganza. I estimate about forty dogs, all in costume, and their owners. Wandering around in circles. Standing and stopping in the middle of the river path. Walking three or five deep. Talk about a freaking obstacle course!

Even so - I can't complain, AT ALL, about a time of 1:53. Moreover, this was the first long run I've done where I didn't feel completely and totally spent afterwards. Every run I've done for the past month, I scream internally for the last quarter mile, gritting my teeth and begging for it to be done. And then I finish the last mile and I'm like, WOW. No way in HELL can I imagine myself running any further!

Not today SUNDAY. This was the first run I've had where I finished and felt confident that - yes - I COULD do another 2.1 miles on top of that. I mean...holy shit. I might not be the fastest I've ever been, and I sure as hell get passed constantly while I'm running on Kelly. But regardless - I'm going to run a half in a few weeks. For real.

In the meantime, let's see what else I've been up to since I last posted, based on the pictures I uploaded nearly a week ago and intended to post on Sunday. This should be fun.

Hmm. I've eaten a lot of honeycrisp apples.

I took my first ice bath and ate homemade mac & cheese while I was in there.

I've chilled at home with a black sulfur mask on.

(The dogs did NOT like this mask. Cosmo wasn't sure it was still me, and he kept sniffing my face really close to make sure it was okay.)

I've been drinking a TON of Celestial Seasonings holiday teas, in the new ING mug PhillyGuy brought home for me. (I'm out of Candy Cane Lane and need to restock. Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is OMGHOLYCRAPAMAZING. I am NOT a fan of the Sugar Plum one - too sweet and spicy, I like my tea a little milder. And Gingerbread Spice = delicious. But nothing will ever top Sleepytime Tea as my all-time favorite.)

My dogs have snuggled with their new non-stuffed squeaky toys.

And they've stolen my spot on the couch every time I've gotten up to get more tea.

So, yeah. This has been another crazy week at work...what else is new? I've worked late, I've dealt with frustrating clients and frustrating borrowers. I gave poor Sophie a bath last night because she walked straight into Cosmo's stream of pee when we were on our walk. That's about it.

What distance should I run this weekend? 12? 13? It'll be my last "long run" before the half - next weekend I'll scale it back to 8 or 10 miles. I'm not going to do much of an official taper because my mileage has been low overall.


  1. personally, i don't think you NEED to do 13 miles before a half. the longest i've done prior to a half is 12. generally i do anywhere from 10-11.5 and it's always been fine.

  2. my dogs don't like it when I wear facial masks like that either! and one time I dyed my hair--went from light blonde to dark dark red--and it freaked the husky that my ex and I had together OUT.