Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zavino Meetup

Tuesday night, I met up with a bunch of my favorite Philly bloggers for dinner at Zavino. I had never been to Zavino before, but as soon as Lisa suggested it, several others jumped all over the idea - and who am I to turn down gourmet pizza? (Or happy hour, for that matter - but we missed that boat.) I started the evening off with a much-needed glass of's been a rough week. It had already BEEN a rough week and it was only Tuesday at that point :) I also had a taste of made-in-house honey orange soda, thanks to Sabrina, who was kind enough to share. The chef was kind enough to send out a complimentary Kennett pizza, drizzled in bechamel and dotted with several types of mushrooms. I'm going to pretend it was because he was impressed by our beauty and grace...and NOT because we were a table full of girls taking pictures of their food and beverages. Look at that crust! (Not that I eat crusts. I never have and never will, probably due, in no small part, to my parents' fervent insistence that they would "make my hair curly" when I was little.) For dinner, I agonized over the choices before going with the Polpettini. (WTF weird shadow??) Crushed tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella and (wait for it) veal meatballs stuffed with ricotta. I got so caught up in chatting with everyone that I only managed to eat two pieces of my pizza, plus a piece of the Kennett...but I'm pretty sure PhillyGuy was happy to polish off the leftovers when he got home that night. Pictured: Lisa, yours truly, Sabrina, Leslie, Allison, Lauren, Melissa and Kelly.


  1. that pizza looks SO good.

    and also, i am so jealous that there are enough bloggers in philly to do a meet up. where are the michigan bloggers?!

  2. hahaha why in the world would your parents tell you that??? (that eating crusts would make your hair curly)

  3. I love blogger meetups! The St.Louis bloggers are true foodies though and don't photograph their food whatsoever haha.

  4. Everything looks SO delicious. I hope to meet you guys one day!

    -Arianna @