Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gotcha Day

Earlier this week, we celebrated our one-year anniversary of adopting Cosmo.

He's my best buddy now, and I tell him that all the time. (Not to be confused with Sophie, who is my "best little girlfriend" and occasionally my "angel puppy" or "teddy bear puppy." Yup, I'm lame.)

To celebrate his Gotcha Day, I made him a cake.

I used the "Peanut Butter Delight" recipe on Dog Treat Recipe Exchange, and topped it with cinnamon cream cheese icing. Fun fact: that's CaitlinHTP's dog, Maggie, on the website. I found the recipe at least two years ago from her blog and was so excited to have a chance to make it for my guys.

He was a big fan.

(We didn't light the candles, since I'm pretty confident he would have either been scared of the cake or would have set himself on fire.)

Confession: yes, I tasted the batter. And wasn't bad. I mean, it's basically just peanut butter, carrots and honey. But I stopped short of having a piece of cake. I just can't bring myself to do that.

happy Saturday!


  1. i definitely prefer giving Roxie things that i would be able to eat myself! not that i would, but i like the "human" ingredients instead of the below human-grade ingredients used in most commercial dog foods. love that you made him a cake!

  2. Cosmo looks like my adopted fur baby, Buster! They must be second cousins twice removed =)