Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Bucket of Dunkin Donuts iced coffee...tastes pretty bland, but I can get 32 ounces of it, so it'll do. Though I'll probably end up taking a walk to DiBruno's before long to get some REAL coffee.

Berries (raspberries, blueberries and blackberries), Fage 0, and a side of to-do list and disorganized desk. On the plus side, after I took this picture I crossed one of those items off the list...and my boss is out at a CLE all day, so I'll probably be able to cross a few more off without her calling me in to add to that list.

Last night was chest and back. I was also supposed to do Ab Ripper X, but kind of "forgot." And by "forgot," I mean that I told myself I would leave the gym and go home to do the DVD. And then told myself I'd walk the dogs first before I did the DVD. And then, when we got back from our walk, figured it would be pointless to try to do the DVD, since it was about 8:45 at that point and I still had some work to get done.

The not-so-secret reason that I "forgot" is that I know as soon as I do that stupid DVD, with its stupid "crunchy frog" and four thousand other variations of torture, I will once again find myself worrying about whether my lower abs will tear open when I sneeze. Of course, the REASON they get so sore after the ab DVD is because I have a really weak core. It would be foolish to, you know, do some exercises to build it up, right?

That would just be silly.

Chest and back was good, though. I warmed up for 15 minutes on the elliptical first and then dove in to my non-stop hour of various push-ups, (assisted) pullups, and dumbbell exercises. Our new gym has an assisted pullup machine, which I'm taking full advantage of to try to build myself up to doing unassisted pullups. Right now, I'm using a 70-lb counterweight and completing about 8-10 reps, depending on the hand positions and where I am in my routine. I always go to exhaustion, and it always makes me feel sort of bad-ass. As usual with P90X stuff, I left a sweaty mess.

I'm really loving the gorgeous weather we've been having here -- it rained a bit this morning, so my walk to work was a little more humid than it has been. But it's supposed to clear up and hit the mid-80s today. MID-80's!!!!!

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