Friday, April 23, 2010

Farmers' Market

Delayed post number one, here we go:

So, last Friday night was one of those nights where PhillyGuy and I were both just total wastes of space.

It's hard to remember exactly why. I know I had an insane morning trying to wrap stuff up before bosslady left for vacation, followed by dashing downstairs to catch a train out to Norristown for a hearing...only to discover WHEN I GOT THERE that it was cancelled, without notice. Booooooo. Double BOOOOOO for having to wait 40 minutes for a train back to the city. Triple BOOOOOO for having to pretend to do important work on my blackberry to ignore the woman in the train station talking to herself (and intensely!) about vegetables. BOOOOOO again for having to go back up to the office and deal with more shenanigans for a few hours, instead of going straight home from court like I'd hoped.

Hmm. Maybe I do remember exactly why. Oh, well.

Regardless -- PhillyGuy also had a long day. So, we did what any normal people would do after a long day -- headed straight to New Delhi up in University City, where we stuffed ourselves with Indian food, before coming home, collapsing on the couch, and watching Food Network until we couldn't keep our eyes open. Which was, um, like 8:30pm.

After our ridiculously early bedtime, PhillyGuy and I were both wide awake around 6:30 or 7 the next morning. After a nice leisurely dog walk, we hit the gym for shoulders, biceps and triceps. After a nice hour's worth of arm-destroying, we headed out, happy and sweaty, to run by the farmer's market.

First stop: Cafe Lutecia at 23rd and Lombard for an iced coffee.

I LOVE this place. It's very simple, very French, and everything is delicious. In our pre-P90X days (i.e. before our diets shifted to 70% protein), this was on our regular weekend breakfast rotation. Usually, we'd "split" a scone (that means I had three or four bites while PhillyGuy took care of the rest, pretending he ordered it just for himself), and order a couple slices of whatever their daily rotation of quiches was.

On to Fitler Square:

Every Saturday, a small farmer's market sets up right in front of the park from about 8am to 2pm.

It's only a few tables, but they always have plenty of local, seasonal produce, fresh dairy and eggs, and other treats -- delicious baked goods, local honey, jams, etc.

It was very crowded in such a small place, so I couldn't take pictures without causing a traffic jam...but we ended up with fresh portobella mushrooms, some asparagus, fruit and a dozen fresh eggs.

The puppies enjoyed the sunshine:

I love the "couples' leash," as our dogwalker puts it. Without it, I end up getting tied up when they try to run in opposite directions. Or in the same direction -- running in circles around my ankles. That's always a favorite.

So, okay, that was a six-day delay on that post. Ooops. Oh well. Coming soon: my recap of the Philly Foodie meetup at Garces Trading Co.!

(By the way -- good lord, did those eight miles kick my butt. I am creeeeeaky today. Still on the fence about Broad Street -- I need to make a decision, and FAST!)

What are your favorite farmers markets in the city?


  1. I am so psyched for the upcoming Farmer's Markets! I played football this past Sat so could not get out to any of my favs but this weekend I am going to try to get into the city for the one at Schmidt's Piazza.

  2. I've been thinking about getting one of those couples' leashes. So you really think it works? Wendy is pretty good on a leash but Rigby is AWFUL and all over the place...I'm worried that having them both on the same leash like that would be counterproductive...

    And what's up with the sign for Fitler square? Is it me or does it look like someone is trying to make it look like it says Hitler? If so, there is a road in our neighborhood called Pitler and someone has done the same thing there ::rolls eyes::