Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fish and a Mac

Last night, PhillyGuy and I went to dinner at Fish.

I've been wanting to head here for a while, and was so glad when PhillyGuy told me he had randomly made us a reservation. It was a gorgeous night, so we sat outside on Lombard:

Started with some beverages - glass of red zin for me, Small Craft beer for PhillyGuy.

We split a plate of seared scallops to start, served with roasted beets, mustard seeds and Nueske bacon. I also had a couple of oysters. Unfortunately for YOU, I'm a bad blogger and completely spaced on taking a picture until after we had annihilated everything...

As you can see, they were obviously just terrible. :)

When we were ordering, I told the waitress that I wanted a couple of oysters, but that I knew very little about them, except that I liked them. She was patient and informative and described each of the six varieties to me, WITHOUT making me feel like an idiot. Huge points for that. And the oysters did not disappoint - the Wawenauks, in particular, left me feeling like I'd just gotten hit in the face by a wave. I can deal with that.

For an entree, I selected the wahoo, which was served with a roasted onion, mushroom and fava bean presentation, over a lobster puree.

PhillyGuy went with the grouper, which was served with a cream sauce, peas, thinly sliced ham, and a pierogie. It sounded random - but holy cow, it was unreal.

The portion sizes of everything were perfect -- we finished our dinner (punctuating with "OMG" and general moaning) satisfied, but looking forward to dessert. And thank god for that.

We went with the key lime tart:

and the chocolate torte:

OH. MY. GOD. Now, I'm a HUGE sweet-and-salty person. Once I saw the words "dark chocolate," "pretzel crust," and "salted caramel" in one dish, I knew it was for me. And yes, it was everything I'd dreamed of and more. I had a small taste of the key lime tart, and it was delicious -- but it didn't stand a chance next to the torte.


I kept telling PhillyGuy on our way home that I could die happy. Seriously, if we were crushed by an errant meteor or something, I'd have absolutely no regrets whatsoever. Suffice to say that we'll be heading back to Fish for sure.

Our other big purchase of the day was a brand-new MacBookPro for me. I spent a bunch of time this morning setting it up before I headed out for my run...but unfortunately, I forgot about my camera cord. And sometime between when I left for my run and when I returned, sweaty and smiling? Little Miss Sophie had gotten bored and chewed up my cord. She was nice enough to leave the USB piece untouched, but she completely destroyed the piece that hooks into my camera. So, before I can share pictures of my new toy, I need to head out and pick up a new cord. Which I will remember to keep in a dog-safe place.

"What, mama? I'm just an innocent lil' puppy."

Happy holiday weekend all!

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  1. Ugh, what IS it with dogs and technology? TV remotes, cords, cell phones, DVDs, you name it, our dogs have chewed it up. Not to mention numerous other un-technological things.

    That chocolate torte sounds amazing! I'm usually not big on dark chocolate, but with the pretzel crust and all that...OMG is right!