Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Round 2!

I'd been musing a couple of weeks ago on what I wanted to do after Round 1 of P90X wrapped up.

Here's the final decision:

PhillyGuy and I officially started Round 2 yesterday, kicking it off with a nice, tough Chest & Back workout in our "home gym," followed by the still-douchey, but incredibly challenging, Ab Ripper X.

I'll be doing a modified version of it this time around (unlike last time, where I just straight up deviated from the program with no real rhyme or reason), so my weeks will look like this:

Monday: P90X (generally chest/back or chest/shoulders/triceps, depending on the phase; Abs)
Tuesday: run workout (speedwork or tempo run)
Wednesday: P90X (shoulders/triceps/biceps or biceps/back, abs)
Thursday: Yoga X
Friday: P90X Legs & Back
Saturday: Long run
Sunday: rest

That might need some tweaking -- doing a long run the day after a quad-killing sequence of Yoga X followed by legs & back is probably not going to be much fun. But, I really want to run the Distance Run/Rock & Roll half in September...so training for that needs to be my priority.

I still haven't gotten a chance to buy a new camera cord, so I have no fun pictures to share with you all from my relaxing Fourth of July weekend, my shiny new MacBookPro, or any of that good stuff. Instead, I'll just share pictures of where I really, REALLY wish I was on this 101-degree day in Philly:

Yeah, I'd go back to Hawaii. Like now. I really can't complain about the heat, though -- if I start to sweat, all I have to do is think back a few months, when the streets looked like this:

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  1. sigh...I want to go to Hawaii verymuchbadly. I've been to Alaska, but not Hawaii. Don't people usually do that pair the other way around? haha