Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weekend Breakfasts

Weekends are my favorite.

I know. What a stupid, cliche thing to say. NO SHIT, weekends are your favorite.

"Oh, you hate your job? There's a support group for that. It's called 'EVERYBODY,' and they meet at the bar." - Drew Carey. (and no, I don't hate my job. In fact, I love it. But weekends are still my favorite.)

One of the best things about the weekend is breakfast. I love going out to breakfast, I love making breakfast. Recently, I discovered that I love over-easy eggs. And even more recently than THAT, I discovered that I love over-easy eggs on an open-face bagel sandwich.

I start by preparing the bagels. I've been using Everything Bagel Thins, which suck as bagels but are perfect for sandwiches. I have one bagel thin with both halves spread with copious amounts of roasted red pepper and/or sundried tomato hummus. PhillyGuy gets two, with garlic hummus spead on one half of each and a Laughing-Cow-style soft cheese wedge spread on the other. This weekend I used Weight Watchers brand Parmesean Peppercorn flavor.

Next comes the best layer: bacon. I cooked six slices of bacon and broke each slice in half. Each bagel thin gets topped with one slice (two halves, side by side).

I may have mentioned that PhillyGuy's uncle gave us a five-pound wheel of provolone cheese for Christmas.

Obviously we need to keep chipping away at it, and I think bagel sandwiches really benefit from a few shavings of creamy, super-sharp provolone.

I like to put a handful of baby spinach on mine, but I leave the green stuff off of his.

And then the really important part is the egg.

I have no idea if I cook "over easy eggs" properly, but what I like to do is fry the egg until the white is mostly solidified, and then flip it over for about ten seconds before sliding it onto the bagel half.

This results in a ton of runny yolk that soaks into everything and makes me feel like I was a giant fool for spending the vast majority of my life convinced that I "didn't like" eggs. IDIOT. EGGS ARE DELICIOUS.

This particular weekend I also wanted to finish off the last of a Costco-size container of Fage 0, so I dumped in a bunch of berries and called it good.

And then Sophie was super excited that she got to REALLY finish it off.

And Cosmo was like, "SHUT UP EVERYONE. It's SATURDAY and I am TRYING to SLEEP."


  1. Those look great! I really need to work on my weekend breakfasts. I'm think this weekend will look something like this very blog entry!

  2. Haha I'm the opposite! I spent most of my life convinced that I <3 EGGS! When really...I don't, so much. In fact, nowadays I don't even eat them unless they're just cooked into a meal. Quiches are okay but omelets or just eggs by themselves (or lately, even egg sandwiches)? No thanks.