Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camera Dump

I misplaced my memory card reader at some point between vacation and now. As a result, I've had a lot of iPhone pictures on here, and a lot of pictures building up on my (real) camera. Still no sign of the reader, but I did track down the data transfer cord that came with the camera.

And, yeah. Lots of pictures.

Like from when we climbed a lighthouse in the Outer Banks.

And when PhillyGuy and I took the pups to cheer on runners (and bloggers) at Broad Street.

Cosmo wasn't the biggest fan of the crowds.

Sophie wasn't the biggest fan of the walk. A two-mile round trip is a little much for those short little legs.

"Oh ma. I quit."

Still weeding through these pictures. I wonder what else I'm going to find on here.

Looking forward to my second CrossFit class tonight. According to the website, tonight's skillwork is Russian kettlebell swings. I'm pretty pumped, even though my legs are STILL sore from squatting a piece of PVC pipe the other night.

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