Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gettysburg Produce

PhillyGuy was out in Gettysburg for work the other day, and hit up a farm stand on his way home. I asked him to pick me up some cherries, which he did. He also told me I had a couple of surprises waiting for me in our fruit & veggie basket for when I got home.

And...yes. I had a bunch of peaches, which was great - my first of the season. But a little more noticeable was this.

I can hear you. "Um, okay. It's an onion, Chrissey. What's the big deal?"

But that's just it. It's not JUST an onion. I've been trying to figure out how to really showcase the fact that this is an onion the size of my head.

I thought a Diet Pepsi can would be a good comparison, but it didn't seem to do it justice. So I tried an overhead angle.

Still no good. How about I put it on a half sheet pan?

Then PhillyGuy had a good idea.

I've used that onion three times so far and haven't even gotten through half of it. Gettysburg, thanks for your Chernobyl onion.


  1. hahaha i love that onion. i could eat that in a few days! :)

  2. bahahhaha chernobonion!!!

  3. my question is...does it still taste great, despite how big it is?