Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dumbbell Cleans

Well, this competition should be interesting.

Spent a few hours today with some other CFCC'ers at Crossfit 1Force in south Jersey, playing with yokes, atlas stones, and farmers' carry bars...all fun toys that we don't have at CFCC that I need to be familiar with for next week's strongman competition.

Yeah, it was humbling. I felt good about the farmers' carry (two bars, 125lbs each). The yoke is REAL WEIRD, and I would have liked to have had one more shot with it at a weight closer to what I need to carry (320lbs) over the two tries I took with a higher weight (355lbs, and crapfest that was hard - I only got it a few steps), but I feel like I'll be OK with that the day of.

Atlas stones...yeah. The heaviest stone 1Force had is 135lbs. I need to lift a 130lb stone over a 48" bar at the competition. I lifted 115 without much trouble at all, but could.not.MOVE. the 135lb stone. It was strange to be squatting there, arms wrapped around a stone, applying every once of effort I could, and not be able to move the thing at all. Since 115 was so easy, I'm feeling okay about it, but not super-confident.

The only other thing I really wanted to test out before next weekend was the dumbbell clean and press. So, tonight, after hanging out on the couch and resting for a bit, PhillyGuy and I went over to our complex's gym so I could give this a shot.

At the gym at home, the dumbbells go up to 45, which I figured would be a decent level to train with. I started with 30lb dumbbells, and did a couple sets to figure out how to translate the barbell movement I've worked pretty hard on into a dumbbell movement, starting from the hang first. I progressed from 30 to 35 to 40, and finally picked up the 45s. After a complete fail followed by a couple successful cleans and failed presses, I pulled PhillyGuy from his treadmill to come film me and try to figure out where I was going wrong.

I present you...PhillyGirl dumbbell cleans. Kinda.

and again...

I just couldn't get both arms to lock out. PhillyGuy thinks it's the way I was starting the press - my wrists were turned the wrong way, which forced the dumbbells out instead of straight up - but by that time, my shoulders were smoked and I was way too tired to get it right, so I called it a night.

Cleaning 45s isn't that bad, so I'm hoping 65 will be OK. The overhead bit...well, we'll see. We just caught up on this week's episode of Alcatraz, and I had most of a Green & Black's 85% chocolate bar for dinner, so I figure tomorrow is a new day.

A day in which I hope to seriously PR my (barbell) clean & jerk. We'll see.

More workout logging:

Thursday - off.

Friday 2/17 - weighted supinated (palms in) chin ups. Mini band - mini band - bodyweight - +5lbs - +10lbs - +15lbsF - +12.5lbsF. I'll get 12.5 next time for sure...and 10lbs was a PR, so I'm happy. Metcon: Fight Gone Bad. 3 rounds, 60 seconds at each station - wallball (20lb/14lb), sumo deadlift high pulls (2pood/1.5pood), box jumps (20"), push press (70/55), row for calories. Score is total reps + calories. 212 - meh. This was a very 95%-effort kind of metcon for me.

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