Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Impulse Decision


all the cool kids are doing it.

Or, well, a few cool kids at the gym are doing it. And for the past couple of weeks, I've had the nagging awareness that I really need to clean things up if I want to drop a little more body fat (which I do). Problem is that I've been shutting down that nagging awareness with a bit more 85% dark chocolate than I should be eating in order to maintain - let alone continue to lose - body fat.

So, after chatting briefly with some fellow CFCC'ers on Sunday afternoon, I impulsively decided to start Whole30 on Monday. I may regret this decision in a few days (or, more likely, in about two weeks, when I won't quite be at the halfway point and the novelty of my "LOL NO MORE CHOCOLATE FOR A LITTLE WHILE" decision has worn off), but whatever. I do better with a structure in place, no matter how arbitrary.

I spent most of Sunday moving the gym from its cozy little home on 13th street to a much, MUCH bigger and swankier home on Chestnut Street.

CFCC men reassembling the pull up rig.

...about an hour after this picture was taken, and the rig fully assembled and all 1532 bolts tightened within an inch of their lives, we realized they'd put the main posts in wrong. Every single one of them had to be turned 90 degrees.

Moving is hard work.


Thursday 3/22 - yet another 6am class, so I could get my first crack at the games open WOD 12.5 7 minute AMRAP, 3/6/9....thrusters (100/65)/chest to bar pull ups. I made it all the way through the round of 9 for a total of 36 reps. While I was happy with this, since a few months ago I couldn't even do a single bodyweight pull up, let alone multiple chest-to-bar pull ups, I knew there was plenty of room for improvement since I did a whole lot of no-reps where I got high enough but didn't actually touch my chest to the bar.

Friday 3/23 - DEADLIFFIN' again. for an easy peak of 1. 135-165-195-225-255. PR, and I definitely had room for one more set, if we were going for a max and not a fast, easy peak. Metcon - easy Diane. 21-15-9 deadlifts (225/185), handstand pushups. Instructed to do 50% of our max - so since my max isn't 370, I wasn't RX'ing this one. 6:36, 135/regular pushups.

Saturday 3/24 - 12.5, attempt number 2. This time I finished the round of 9, did my 12 thrusters and got 3 pull ups into the round of 12, for a total of 51 reps. Glad I participated in the open - doing the workouts with everyone else was a lot of fun and gave me a few good chances to really challenge myself.

Sunday - moved the gym. And then gorged myself on easter candy and chicken sopa (a/k/a mexican lasagna) at my parents' house pre-Whole30. Woof.

Monday 3/26 - I was geeked out about working out in the new space, so I went even though it was an easy, short day. About 15 minutes of single-leg squat work - I am really farking close to a pistol on my dominant left leg, moreso when I add a 12kg kettlebell as a counterweight. Right leg - meh. Single leg squat to a box without much trouble on both sides. Metcon - row 1K for time - 3:59.3. Significant improvement over my prior best 1k row of 4:06. I still want to punch rowing in the face.

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