Monday, April 2, 2012

Upgrade Monday

Nothing like ending your Monday with grassfed ribeye grilled with truffle salt.

Truffle salt courtesy of, my new favorite "flash sale" site.

Also pictured: mushroom salt and magic unicorn salt...which I realize is basically just expensive, fancy Season-All, but damned if it's not delicious on everything. Kind of like regular, cheap, non-fancy Season-All.

It wasn't even a particularly rough Monday - work is manageable, no crises came up today, and I did 42 strict pull-ups in today's metcon. Really, I guess it was a pretty decent day. Regardless, I'm happy to upgrade it with some cowshare steak.

Workout log:

Tuesday 3/27 - front squat, peak of 3. I must have tweaked my left hip flexor doing single leg squats the day before, because I couldn't get below parallel without a crazy tightness on that side. Did three sets and then stopped, spending the next 5-10 minutes of class with a kettlebell and lacrosse ball, trying to ease the tightness. 85-115-125. Metcon - three rounds, Lynne-style, of max pronated strict pull ups immediately followed by max ring dips. 3/1-3/1-3/0, as RX'ed. That last attempt at a ring dip was REALLY bad.

Thursday 3/29 - freestanding handstand work. I couldn't do the regular metcon due to hip pain, since it started with 100 air squats and 75 walking lunges, so I did a special snowflake workout: 5 rounds of 60 second handstand hold, 15 hollow rocks, 15 superman rocks, 10 American kettlebell swings with 1.5pood. HOLY SHOULDERS. 15:15, including about a minute or so of time at the beginning spent dicking around to figure out a substitute workout.

Friday 3/30 - DEADLIFTS. My favorite. Peak set of 3: 135-165-205-225-235. We played red light/green light for the metcon. Ridiculously fun.

Saturday 3/31 - some practice with the squat clean and thruster. I was fine with just the 45-lb bar, but once I added tens, my hip was screaming again. Metcon was a Fight-Gone-Bad style AMRAP - 3 rounds of 60 seconds each, row (for calories), hang squat clean (95/65), thruster (95/65). Subbed hang power cleans and push presses; total score was 118.

Monday 4/2 - strict press, peak of 3. 43-63-73-83F-78. Metcon: descending ladder of thrusters (45/33) and strict L pull ups, 50/15-40/12-30/9-20/6. Subbed strict supinated pull ups for the L pull ups. 16:51. The fact that I can do 42 bodyweight pull ups without failing a single one - no matter how long it took me - still kind of blows my mind, since I was so unspeakably bad at pull ups just a couple of months ago.

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  1. haha I gotta say, I'd buy that magic unicorn salt just for the name!