Sunday, April 15, 2012

south philly rumble

how i think i look when i work out

how i usually look

thanks for the great shots, hookgrip.

edited to add workout log...

- Monday, 4/9. shoulder still funky. Front squat, peak of 5. 85-105-120-135. Metcon was supposed to be a crapton of pushups for time (150 men, 100 women) - I subbed 100 box jumps (20") - 7:09. meh.

- Tuesday 4/10. Shoulder feeling better. Snatch, focusing on sitting and getting into a full squat. 53-63-68-73. Decent night. 1K row before and after...woof. 4:18.2, 4:19.7. WHAT. My best time for this is about 3:57, so that was...craptacular.

- Wednesday 4/11. Really light weighted glute bridges - sets of 5, up to 165lbs. My favorite metcon: 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts (275/185), 10 burpees. 5:52 as rx'ed, compared to 8:00 even last time.

- Thursday 4/12. Squat cleans, with some jerks thrown in to practice for the Rumble. 64x4-78x2-88x2-98x1-98x1-100x1-113x1-118x1-123x1 (PR). Stayed for gymnastics (this was stupid) - single-armed handstands and bridge ups. Shoulder was not having it.

- Sunday 4/15. South Philly Rumble. Overhead squatted 115 - dumped 120. Did 80 medball slams and a handful of 95lb squat clean & jerks. Ate like a champion afterwards.

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