Thursday, April 26, 2012

highs and lows

I reached a new low this week.  I'd been pretty bad about maintaining my hands over the last week or two - usually, I take a pedegg to them two or three times a week to keep my calluses thin and avoid tears.  Apparently, the air has been dry lately, because on top of my usual calluses, I was getting very minor rips on my palms and fingers.  Tuesday afternoon, I saw that the scheduled gymnastics workout involved plenty of ring work. I want a muscle up this year, which means I need to seriously focus on my ring dips. 

And that is how I found myself sitting in my office on a Tuesday afternoon after a quick trip to Walgreen's, shaving down my calluses at my desk.  At least I closed the door.

Turns out that my brand new office pedegg is a great deal sharper than my older at-home pedegg.  I shaved off way too much of my calluses, and my hands are now soft, like a baby's.

Babies don't do a lot of kipping pull ups.

During yesterday's metcon (50 handstand pushups and 100 pull ups, to be completed in as few sets as possible), I couldn't hang onto the bar for more than 5 or 6 pull ups. By some miracle I made it through without any tears, but my little baby hands are really tender today.


Training log:

Monday April 23: I was pretty geeked out to work out with PhillyGuy, since this was his first regular session at CFCC.  Front squats, peak of 2 - 85-115-135-155 (failed on second - bottomed out)-155 easy.  I think I have 165 or 170 in me for a single, but we'll see.  Metcon: "Crushing Helen" - a crossfit football workout.  8 rounds for time, 60 yard sprint, 8 russian kettlebell swings (2/1.5p), 5 plyo pushups to a 45lb plate. 8:37, as RX'ed.

Tuesday April 24: baby's first advanced class.

Diane. 21-15-9 deadlifts (225/155), handstand pushups.  I've done Diane twice before - "scaled" both times because I thought the women's RXed weight was 185lbs. According to the regionals events, though, we were wrong.  With partial range of motion handstand pushups to a small medball, 10:22.  Based on my prior Diane times (6:36 with 135lbs and regular pushups, 8:00 with 155lbs and regular pushups), this is really slow, but meh.

Diane aftermath:

My knees started to visibly bruise during the workout.  Today, it looks like somebody nailed me over the kneecaps with a baseball bat.  I had planned to stay for gymnastics, but I was spent after that and headed home.

Wednesday, April 25: imagine my delight at seeing, the day after a metcon involving handstand pushups and deadlifts, regular session programming involving handstand pushups and deadlifts. I knew I was probably not going to PR anything, but it's still disappointing when it happens. Conventional deadlift, peak of 2 - 135-175-205-235-255F.  I got 255 up once and felt my back start to crank when I came out of the bottom on the second one, so I bailed and called it a day.  Frustrating, because 235 went up like it was bodyweight and I was hoping to get 275 in.  Womp womp womp.  Metcon: 50 handstand pushups and 100 pull ups, in as few sets as possible.  Come down out of a handstand, that's a set; come off of the bar, that's a set.  I finished the handstand pushups in 12 sets; would have done fewer but I kept falling out of the handstand.  However, my little baby hands could NOT hang onto the bar, and I did my pullups in sets of 3 to 8...guh. 35 sets total, using kipping HSPUs to an abmat and kipping pull ups.  Please kill me.

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  1. oh honey. my hands are AWFUL. I have to keep my nails short to play the guitar and because I walk/run with my dogs twice a day I have the worst callouses on my palms at the base of my fingers where I hold their leashes. That and from playing said guitar, I have no feeling in the tips of my fingers on my left hand and my fingertips feel like a cheap nail file. haha