Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More Soup

Um, yeah, I made soup again.

It's been cold lately. Very cold. And I had a bunch of carrots and celery left over from the last time I made soup.

And PhillyGuy was insistent that I make it the EXACT same way I did last week.

So I did.

He tops his with tons of Locatelli.

I prefer mine straight, and poured over a handful or two of fresh baby spinach.

In the meantime, I've been running again - much, much shorter distances, but I've been working on trying to build up at least a LITTLE speed again.

Tonight, all I wanted to do was sweat, and I didn't care how. This meant that I ended up running a very random three miles:

.75 at 6.5mph
.25 at 7.0mph (I started itching to run a little faster)
.25 at 6.0mph (I slowed down thinking I'd start doing short and fast intervals...)
.25 at 7.5mph (...but then I decided otherwise)
repeat 6.0/7.5mph intervals for a total of three miles, with a pickup during the last .25 so that I ended the interval at 8.0mph

Altogether, I covered three miles in 27 minutes exactly before slowing it down to walk for the next three minutes. The gym was packed tonight, and I like to be considerate of that whole "keep your cardio to 30 minutes" rule (even though I'm pretty sure NO ONE else college gym had that "rule" and no one enforced it, and I remember how frustrating it was to be sitting there like an idiot waiting for a treadmill).

Sophie has been a little stinky lately, so I gave her a bath tonight after the gym.

She's pretty good about bathtime - she doesn't love it, but she doesn't fight it, either. She just kind of gives up and submits, standing there like a pathetic little drowned rat while you scrub her. And then it's time to get out and shake off.

And that's when she gets what I call "the bathtime zoomies."

Apparently, getting wet makes her a little nutty.


  1. That must be a dog thing, because Roxie gets crazy after getting wet too, either from a bath or swimming in the creek!

  2. Yeah, cold, very cold, TOO cold! I have been craving me some soup for sure!