Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Crusts Please

PhillyGuy and I hit the gym tonight together for the first time in a long time to do some cardio. I was in the mood to do some intervals, so I did:

- easy 2 mile warmup at 6.0mph
- 8 intervals: 60 seconds at 8.0, 60 seconds recovery walk at 3.8
- easy cooldown at 6.5mph for the last .4 miles or so

I had intended to do five miles, but PhillyGuy finished up before I did and I didn't want to make him wait, so I cut it short at 4 miles. It was a REALLY good run - I never felt bored or tired. The warmup was easy but felt good and didn't drag. The 8.0 stretches felt strong and I recovered quickly.

Afterwards, we got some takeout. I didn't feel up to grocery shopping last weekend, after Thanksgiving, so we were completely out of vegetables by the time this weekend rolled around. Enter the veggie stromboli:

Ever since I was a kid, I've hated crusts. On anything. Bread, baked goods, whatever. I even eat the middle and leave the edges of cookies. So when I eat something like a stromboli, it ends up looking like this:

Pile of crusts on the side.

Scavenged crust left on the bottom, after I've eaten all the veggies, most of the cheese, and ripped out the soft doughy bits from the outer crust.

I don't think I'll ever understand why my parents were so adamant that I should eat my crusts. "They'll make your hair curly!" they used to say. Liars! My hair is not curly, there are no nutrients in the crusts or anything like that...I just don't get it.

What lies did your parents tell you to try to get you to eat stuff?

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  1. I think the things my parents told me were actually all that carrots are good for your eyes, or whatever. And I never ate carrots (still don't exactly love them, but I'll force them down), and my eyesight is TERRIBLE.