Friday, December 10, 2010

New Camera!

Santa PhillyGuy brought my Christmas present early this year.

(Hopefully that is the last point-and-shoot picture I ever post on here.)

I've actually had it for a few days now, but unfortunately, Santa didn't realize that the "kit" (body, lens, and basic accessories) didn't include a memory card. I got out of work a little early today, and we took advantage by running out to BestBuy.

I obviously came home and immediately started taking pictures of everything in my house. While I was in the living room, furiously snapping away at my Christmas tree and trying hard to remember everything I learned in that one photography class I took in the summer of 2003, PhillyGuy got started on dinner.

So naturally, I ran into the kitchen and started snapping away in there. And took over the preparation, since I'm a control freak about my veggies.

Brussels sprouts and onions, chopped up all pretty in the pan:

I love how bright green the sprouts get after just a minute or so of cooking.

Everything got a bath in a nice bottle of Founder's stout...

...and braised for about twenty minutes or so.

Meanwhile, PhillyGuy seasoned the pork and got to grilling.

While that went on, I started taking pictures of the dogs. Sophie was like...WHY. WHY, MOM, WHY.

And I goofed around more with the Christmas decorations.

And a bottle of wine.


...and sorry for the insanely photo-heavy post. Right now, I'm shooting on full auto mode (manual focus though) while I get back into the swing of things. I can't wait to take four bajillion pictures of everything while I figure things out.

And don't worry - Santa PhillyGirl took perfectly good care of PhillyGuy, too.

What's on your Christmas list this year?


  1. Oddly enough - that camera is on my Christmas list! Well, just the t1i body. We have a Cannon EOS film SLR so we have lenses already that would work (though I want one more lens - the 50mm 1.8f).

    The pictures look great, btw!

  2. I'm glad we're not the only ones who ended up exchanging early this year! Steve came home early the day his PS3 came in the mail and saw it sitting on the dining room table. Oops. So he gave me two of my presents--these silver snowflake ornaments, it's a family tradition of his to buy them for your wife :) (although I now have one for each Christmas we've been together, married or not). We still have some gifts to exchange, though, and we're doing the rest of it tomorrow night :)

    I *love* my Canon DSLR...I've had it a year though, and have yet to *really* use it for its features. Bad Tara. Post some tutorials for me as you figure it out? haha