Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the words of Britney,


I. Am. So. Busy.

I really need to recap my first week on P90X and catch up with the blogworld, but work is just NOT letting that happen. Also, there's a small matter of our adopting a second dog (!!!!!)

Cosmo came home with us last night, and my evening was spent putting together a crate, trying to wrangle one super-excited Sophie and one sorta-skittish Cosmo on a couple of walks, and generally supervising the tornado of dog as it whirled around my house. Not conducive to even doing a nonstop 1:15 of chest, back and abs, let alone blogging about it.

The short version? P90X is full of tool-box, d-bag phrases like "BRING IT!" and "AB RIPPER X!", but also full of really effective exercises. Some of them come naturally; others will take a little work, at least for me, before I can really perform the moves effectively (ahem, Kenpo). The diet/nutrition plan has been very good -- I'm eating a lot of chicken (grilled, or poached and shredded into chicken salad), tuna, spinach and Greek yogurt. Also, my abs have been consistently OMG-if-I-sneeze-something-is-going-to-tear sore.

I've shed a LOT of water weight this week -- on Monday morning, the official one-week checkin point, I was down 5lbs. Not gonna lie, that's really, really good to see, even though I know that, at most, it's only a couple pounds of "real" weight loss and mostly water weight shedding.

I can't wait to catch up on everyone's weekend shenanigans, races, blah blah blah -- and hopefully I will be back tonight with a better review and a recap of plyometrics.

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