Friday, August 27, 2010


In a word, that's me - unphotogenic. That picture I use as an avatar? It's now more than three years old. I took it (arm's length self portrait represent!) the Friday after the bar exam, at my friend's apartment during our "holy crap that was unspeakably awful but we DID IT" celebration.

In the three years-and-one-month that have passed since then, I have not taken ONE. SINGLE. PICTURE. that I think is avatar-worthy. For a long time, I used a pic from my wedding as my default facebook picture...but I feel like that's only socially acceptable for a certain amount of time. Like, a year, maybe? So now it's back to ol' Miller-Lite-hat.

But - despite not taking good pictures, I am a truly lovely person. Inside and out! The camera...well, she just doesn't see it. Maybe one day.

Know what I have a lot in common with? Indian food.

Baighan bhartha is similarly unphotogenic but beautiful.

Naan? It never looks impressive. (Particularly so when I'm just snapping a pic of it without even pretending to move the foil out of the way enough to avoid the shadow.) BUT IT IS SO SO SO SO SO DELICIOUS. I ate that entire piece.

Cosmo (he's hiding in the shadows at the bottom there) and Sophie also love Indian food - they knows beauty when they see it. (That bitch Sophie, however, is SUPER photogenic. Too cute for words.)

And in the I-don't-care-what-the-pictures-look-like category? This fabulous discovery.

So much tastier than that cupcake-that-wanted-to-be-good. I love you, DiBruno's, and your overpriced "artisan" chocolate that I can get for about $2 cheaper at any number of corner stores. Like Food & Friends at 20th & Spruce.

Despite my rumblings on twitter last night, I ended up having a short but very enjoyable run. I covered about 3.2 miles in 30 minutes, with no rhyme or reason - just doing what I felt like as it came along. That meant starting with a 9:05 mile, followed by four repeats of 90 seconds each at 8.0mph (about a 7:30 pace) interspersed with 60 seconds of walking, followed by an easy job at 6.5 for the balance of my 30 minutes. Music helped - lots and lots.

Go download "Horchata" by Vampire Weekend. My friend called them "the Talking Heads of our generation," and the more I listen the more I agree. Clearly not for everyone, but "Horchata" is catchy and has fascinating, quirky lyrics. I vote appropriate-for-workout.

Tonight, PhillyGuy and I have reservations at 10 Arts by Eric Ripert. I admit, this place is only on my radar because of Jennifer Carroll and her Top Chef fame. Normally, I'm kind of "meh" at the idea of a chef including his name in the name of the restaurant, because...well, really dude? But I've heard a lot of stuff, running the gamut between straight hype and "overhyped," and the menu...she is intriguing. So I made us a reservation.

Hoping to get out of work early today to get my nails done before tonight's dining extravaganza. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll head to King of Prussia to do a little retail therapy and perhaps find a bag that I can obsess over as much as this one:

(Dear Carlos Falchi: I love you and your overpriced $4,000 exotic, out-of-stock and out-of-reach bags.)

Happy weekend! Anyone want a 9 mile running buddy on Sunday morning?


  1. I am also entirely unphotogenic. I's like to think that I am not heinous-looking. I mean, I'm not ugly, but I can't take a picture to save my ass. Every picture I look like some tired housewife with acne or something. Feh.

    Maybe we need to take some old-school glamour shots at JCP. Ha!

    In case you are wondering, found your blog from one of your comments on SR :o)

  2. I'm like...randomly photogenic. There will be 100 bad pictures of me out there, and then one REALLY REALLY amazing one floating around, haha. My annoyance is that I try but can never recreate the amazing ones, and I think that if you are using a photo as a profile picture you should try to not have it be over a year old. No offense to you, haha!