Monday, August 23, 2010

Yoga Pants at Work

Yup. I'm doing it.

What a beautiful freakin' morning it is. Sunny, low 70s, (relatively) low humidity.

What a perfect day to rock some lululemon to work.

Pretty sure this isn't in our "business casual" dress code, strictly speaking.

But I'm also pretty sure I can go the whole day without interacting with anyone in the office. Bosslady's out. My secretary is out. I haven't been working for anyone else lately. And I am flanked by empty offices.

And besides - other than the pants, I'm dressed "professionally." Cardigan, shell, pearls, watch. Hurrrrr's did. Makeup's did.

I'll be comfy all day, and no one will be the wiser.

On a more serious note...I am considering selling my bib for the Rock'n Roll Half.

I have just NOT been training properly. I do my long run on the weekends, and that's it. And it's showing.

Sure, I've been getting in my lifting and some other types of cardio (mainly the bike) least up until the past couple of weeks, when I hit a bit of a bump and let it get the best of me. Part of it is that it's been stinkin' hot and humid, and I've noticed that while my knee rarely bothers me during or after an outdoor run, it almost ALWAYS acts up on the treadmill. So, on hot and humid days -- which has been, um, all of them, lately -- I don't run.

And then I get out to do my long run and it's a big struggle. I always, ALWAYS feel amazing when it's done, but it's tough when your first six miles are kind of lame and you don't start to get into a groove until the last two. I go back and forth, though - I will (probably) feel better about myself if I just suck it up and race. But I might not. I might either (1) struggle for 12 of the 13 miles, only to finish with a time so slow I don't feel accomplished at all, and/or (2) actually hurt myself since I'm not in "half marathon" condition, physically.

I guess my bottom line is -- I could fake ten miles for Broad Street. I'm not so sure I can fake 13.1. And I'm not so sure I want to try.



  1. I mean, your yoga pants probs cost more than my actual work black pants that I'm wearing right now, haha. I think if you are feeling iffy about the half, then maybe it would be best to not run it. You don't want to risk getting hurt worse.

  2. You could always run it just for fun, since it is a rock and roll race. But ultimately whatever puts your mind best at ease is the right choice.

  3. I've heard that race is pretty tough mentally and physically. I thought about running it until I heard that - hills. Whatever you decide to do, do what's best for you.

  4. Hmmmm...Wish I could help but I am just gearing up to give Broad Street a try and that goal seems very, very far away. It's a cliche but listen to your body. This week it is going to be not too bad, especially in the AM. See how you feel.

  5. If you want to try it, I think you should, even if you haven't been training properly. You love to run; even if you don't succeed the way you would have wanted to, won't it still be worth it?