Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Okay. I was a bad girl last night. But I just couldn't HELP myself.

I ran. Less than 24 hours away from my doctor's appointment, and I ran.

And my knees were really okay. No real pain during the run at all, and only a little bit walking down the stairs to let Sophie out afterwards.

My hips, however, are somewhat of a different story. They are TIIIIIIGHT. And achy. I keep stretching them, but nothing gets it QUITE right.

Really, I don't regret it. It felt freakin' awesome. I was just going to do some short intervals, a'la Oxygen - 5 minute warm-up at 6.7, followed by five two-minute sets of 90 seconds at 7.0/30 seconds at 8.6, with a cool-down at 6.7 and then a short walk. But I just felt so good to be running...so I kept going, at an easy pace, for a total of 3 miles in something like 27:15 or thereabouts.

After that, it was on to pull -- back and biceps.

- lat pulldowns, 3x8 at 75lbs
- dumbbell bicep curls, 3x8 with two 15-lb dumbbells
- renegade rows, 3x8 on each side with 15-lb dumbbells
- preacher curls, 3x8 at 45lbs

I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, especially with the dumbbell curls. Even last week, those 15lb dumbbells were a CHALLENGE, where I was making ridiculous faces just to complete the last couple of reps and was not at ALL sure it was going to happen. This week -- well, I wasn't worried about actually completing them. But I probably still made the faces.

I'm feeling those renegade rows in my abs today for sure. I tried that as a replacement for both my usual 45-second planks and single-arm rows with resistance bands. I think next time, I'll go up to 20lbs, or do more reps, because -- while they weren't exactly EASY -- they should have been more difficult.

We also got an email from our HOA that gave me mixed feelings. First, the YAAAAY: they expect to have our new gym open and running by the end of March! THAT is exciting. Our current gym is in a one-bedroom condo, and is sort of lacking in both space and equipment. When 8 people are at the gym at once, like last night, that place is jammed to the gills and it's hard to get anything done.

Then, the BOOOOO: in order to relocate the existing equipment, the gym will be closed for TWO WEEKS starting on March 15. GAH! Depending on how I'm feeling and whether I've gotten the OK from my doctor (and physical therapist! hopefully...) to run, I might buy a one-month pass to the Philadelphia Sports Club downstairs. I don't really love the idea of taking two weeks off of lifting completely, but if I can run, I might be able to squeak by with just a set of dumbbells and some of those free Jillian Michaels videos on demand.

Such is life. Hope everyone is having a good week!

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  1. At least they warned you! Years ago when I lived in an apartment complex and went to the gym pretty much every day, I showed up one day and it was closed for a week with no warning or prior notification. When it re-opened there was some new equipment and new TVs and what not, but that was still annoying.