Friday, March 12, 2010

Win and a Fail

It's the beginning of what's supposed to be a week of rain here in Philly -- including a nor'easter this weekend! Perfect opportunity for me to spend some quality time with that one-bedroom condo they've called a "gym" for the past year and a half :)

Last night, I hit up said "gym" for push (chest/tris), cardio and my first round of knee rehab exercises. I had been debating all day about what KIND of cardio to do -- easy three or four mile run? Easy two mile run plus 15 or 20 minutes on the elliptical? I was torn, because on the one hand, Broad Street is only six weeks or so away, and if I'm going to run it, I need to, well, RUN. On the other hand...I JUST went to the doctor. I'm not sure how much I can handle right now, and the treadmill seems to be signficantly harder on my poor knee than the road (weird, right?)

So, I ended up making a last-minute decision to ride the stationary bike. I figured it was low-impact and would be good for strengthening my quads, which is my whole problem in the first place. I eyed that thing up suspiciously -- I NEVER ride the bike! -- and then hopped on, picked a program (hill intervals), a level (10), and a time (30 minutes), and went for it. And WHEW, was that a workout. Not necessarily in the calorie-burn sense, although I was sweating like mad, because my heartrate just wasn't anywhere near what it is when I run. No, I mean in the "OMG my quads are ON FIRE" sense. (And also in the "holy crap, my butt is KILLING ME" sense, because recumbent bikes force you to sit the whole.freakin.time.)

Lifting was the usual:
-chest press, 3x8 at 75lbs
-tricep bench dips, 3x8, bodyweight/straight legs
-shoulder press, 3x8 at 45lbs
-skullcrushers, 3x12 with a 20lb dumbbell
-tricep pressdowns, 3x8 at 45lbs

What REALLY surprised me was the knee rehab stuff. I got a printout with exercises to do from my doctor. The first "exercise" is a hamstring stretch. It cautions you to start with the hamstring stretch and then "build up" to the other exercises once your quads have gotten stronger. So, I figure -- oh god. This isn't going to be enough for me. I mean, I have some DIESEL legs. Andplusalso, I stretch my hams EVERY FREAKIN' DAY. So, I went right for the rest of the exercises. Which were, generally, non-weight-bearing, short range of motion things, like "side-lying leg lifts" and "quad sets" -- where you, no joke, sit up with your injured leg straight out and basically flex your quads for 10 seconds at a time for a whole bunch of reps.

Let me tell you -- that is DECEPTIVELY effective. As silly and Jane-Fonda-esque as I felt laying there on my side, lifting my leg over and over again with no added resistance, I was REALLY feeling it a few reps in. And then it hit me -- um duh. You are clearly not as diesel as you think, because if your quads were as strong as you seem to think they are, your patella would stay where it belongs and you wouldn't be sitting here doing "exercises" that belong on a video hosted by women in tights and sweatbands and leotards.

So, in short, that was a WIN. Now, on to the fail:

Last night I prepped myself overnight oats for the first time. I used 1/2c oats, 6oz blueberry Chobani, and about 2-3oz water. I didn't put in any other spices, since I wasn't sure what would work with the fruity yogurt. Popped it in the fridge overnight and grabbed it when I left for work -- I got in about 45 minute early this morning, since I had some work to get done ASAP.

Well, I don't know if I got the proportions wrong, or if this just isn't my thing, but...EW. I stirred it and it seemed normal enough, but I popped it in the microwave for a minute to take the fridge-chill out of it. Stirred again, again, normal! Tossed in a little pack of dried cranberries, got so excited to taste it and...oh, GROSS. It just And I don't know why -- if it was the texture or the flavor or what -- but I just know that I could NOT stomach it.

So, that is how I found myself wasting 15 minutes of my precious early morning running down to DiBruno's for some PROFESSIONALLY-made oatmeal. Much, much better.

Also...SWEET, it's Friday! Any good plans for the weekend? I think I mentioned yesterday that PhillyGuy and I are car shopping...I can barely contain my excitement. :) I'm actually pumped to get a new (to us, anyway) car, but just less pumped about the idea of spending hours at dealerships, in a nor'easter, to get it.

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  1. I was on vacation a couple years ago and tried a stationary bike for the first time in years, because the only treadmill in the hotel gym was being're right about it being a hardcore workout on your legs, but I just can't deal with the way my butt aches afterward! haha