Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is it safe to come out now?

MAN, this has been an insane week...and it's only Wednesday.

Thankfully (1) the office is closed Friday, so it's really more like a Thursday, and (2) I blasted through my fire drills AND most of my to-do list, so I have a little breathing room this morning.

Last night I finally got to try Plyo -- oh, I'm sorry, "PLYOMETRICS X." After PhillyGuy stole the DVD last week, I was looking forward to trying it for the first time -- especially since it left his legs aching for days last week. He had previously pointed out that there was absolutely no way both of us could do the workout at once in our "home gym," so we packed up the laptop and took it to our complex's new gym.

The new gym includes a big, wooden-floor workout room, complete with mirrored wall and plenty of space -- I figured it would be PERFECT for our plyo. And it was...except that when we got there, the room was occupied by a yoga class. Figures. Without any way to tell how long it would be before they were out of there, I forced PhillyGuy to suck it up and get our workout started right in the middle of the gym.

I'm sure we looked like idiots at first, staring at a computer and jumping up and down just a few yards away from "normal" exercise equipment, but believe me, once you got into it, there was no time or energy to waste on dwelling on what other gym-goers might be thinking. There were plenty of variations on squat jumps: reaching squat jumps, standing tuck jumps (no using your arms for momentum, like I did in cheerleading!), runners squat jumps, squat jacks, traveling "frog" squat jumps, blah blah blah...and MAN, did I feel it. Half an hour blew by, the room cleared out, we booked it into the aerobics room and killed the second half hour.

By the end, I was absolutely dripping with sweat. Unlike Kenpo, where my heartrate never really peaked, I could tell that I was consistently where I needed to be, above 185 and, at the peak of each interval, much closer to 200-205.

I'm sore today, but not overwhelmingly sore. Some of the moves hurt my knee, though I simply don't know yet whether it's because I have poor form or because my knee isn't healed enough yet (or both). I'm going to try it next week with a knee sleeve and see whether that helps.

Today is (I think) biceps, triceps, and shoulders. I think. It's hard to remember. If that's the case, we're definitely going to need to pack up for the gym again, because the resistance bands just ain't cutting it for me.



  1. Just out of curiosity, how long do the daily workouts take with P90X? (I think that's what you said you were doing, right?) My problem is that I don't wash my hair every day, so working up a crazy sweat working out 6 straight days is not really the smart thing for me to do...

  2. The workouts range from about an hour to an hour and a half. Most of them don't leave me as disgusting as plyo did -- I still get away with washing my hair every other day or so, which probably has something to do with the fact that I work out at night.