Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who wants to...

run Broad Street with me, slowly?

I saw the sports medicine doctor this morning, and MAN, do I feel better.

He gave me a more thorough exam, asked plenty of specific questions, and -- this is the best part -- gave me a very realistic prediction:

"You can probably run Broad Street this year. Are you going to run your fastest time ever? Nope. But do I think you can train enough to finish it? Yes."


Basically, I've been given a regimen of stretching and strength exercises to work with on my own, as well as a referral for a sports medicine PT place up at Penn. I can run -- but nothing tough. Slow and flat, no hills (meaning inclines OR declines), and if I'm improving in a couple weeks, I can add distance OR speed...not both. I go back for a follow-up at the end of March.

I can live with that. I really, really can. Especially since -- I'm assuming -- the continous PT and whatnot will, eventually, allow me to actually train hard again, at some point.

I seriously feel like dancing. I'm hoping that "slow" means I can still keep a 10:00 pace for my training runs, but I'm willing to be patient (for once in my life). Anyone interested in running slow with me??

Now, if only work would stop blowing up. I cannot WAIT to get up and run in the mornings.

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