Friday, June 25, 2010

DiBruno's, I Have a Complaint

Since DiBruno's put the world's worst tomato slice on my bagel this morning, I figured it was only appropriate to document it with the world's worst blackberry picture.

Mealy. Flavorless. Kind of dry and watery at the same time. Gross. Cut from an obviously hot-house tomato the size of my head. I'd expect this kind of thing in December, maybe, but isn't it tomato season yet? I mean, come ON. Jersey tomatoes are RIGHT NEXT DOOR. I took a bite, made the same face that my dog makes when she accidentally gets a piece of fuzz from a tennis ball stuck in her mouth.

My second issue with this morning's bagel is definitely not unique to DiBruno's.

That is (a terrible blackberry picture of) the mountain of cream cheese I had to scrape off my bagel. EVERY bagel place I've ever been to puts at least 3 or 4 ounces of cream cheese on the bagel. I'll admit that I probably like an exceptionally small amount of cream cheese -- I generally scrape the bagel with my knife, gouge out whatever got stuck in the nooks and crannies, and leave a layer so thin you can see the entire surface of the bagel -- but really? Do people actually LIKE to have equal parts cream cheese and bagel? It seems so wasteful to me.

Time to state the obvious: bloggies, it is FINALLY FRIDAY.

Yesterday, I had the worst kind of day. Not because the day itself was particularly bad, or because anything particularly stressful was going on. No, it was because I kept thinking it was Friday. I'd find myself thinking "Hmm, what restaurant should PhillyGuy and I go to for dinner tonight? What should I buy at the Fitler Square farmer's market tomorrow?" And then the awful realization that NO. It was THURSDAY. And there was still ONE MORE DAY TO GO.

It's like that episode of the Office where Dwight thought it was Friday. Except no one was feeding my delusions -- I was just that braindead.

Don't you hate when that happens? But now -- it really IS Friday! And I'm not delusional! And I can go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow, make myself eggs, go for a run -- do whatever I want whenever I want. If that's not cause for celebration, I don't know what is.

Weekend plans! What are they?


  1. That would have made me SO mad...mostly b/c I am having a crappy day but I don't touch tomatoes (other than canned for sauce) out of season so it would ROYALLY piss me off that when there WERE decent tomatoes available, they would give you that crap. ick

  2. Hoooray for Friday, I seriously felt like that all day! TGIF TODAY though! Hoping to make it to Taste of Philly at some point, keep me posted on plans!

  3. HA I love that Office episode.

    I have to admit that I like a decent amount of cream cheese on my bagel...and usually places don't give me ENOUGH cream cheese for my liking...but definitely nowhere near the "equal parts bagel and cheese" that you're describing here, haha