Friday, June 18, 2010

Quick Blogging Break


Last night, I had a swanky wine pairing event to attend for the firm. Sometimes, being in this business ain't so bad, right?

Six glasses of wine (a rose, a white, three reds and a sparkling dessert wine) plus six courses (THREE of them were red meat -- lamb chop, veal, and strip still my beating heart) plus a drive home starting at 11pm -- all of that equals one sleepy PhillyGirl today.

I figured I'd have a better chance of actually being bright and cheery if I dressed the part, so I threw on a new skirt I picked up at the J.Crew outlet over my stay-cation.

Problem: in my closet, I saw the print as black and navy. Once I got to work under the super-flattering flourescent office lights? Clearly two shades of navy. So my black handback and black sunglasses just make it look like I got dressed in the dark. Which I apparently sort of did.

My first cup of iced coffee was completely unhelpful, so by 9:15 I found myself in line at Starbucks waiting to re-up.

That isn't what woke me up, though. What really snapped me into reality was getting a couple of totally frivolous "emergency" motions tossed into my lap. That I now need to spend my weekend responding to. (I just typed out a long rant about what I think constitutes an "emergency" (hint: this isn't it), but thought better and deleted it. I don't know why, but this particular case really gets under my skin. It's definitely up there with the top three contributing factors to the ulcer I'm sure I have. Costco on a weekend, produce section at Wegman's on a weekend, and this case.)

It's Friday! And PhillyGuy and I are going to grill pork chops for dinner...preferably eat them outside on our balcony. I didn't mention it on here (um, okay, I actually didn't mention much of ANYTHING on here since I haven't posted all week), but he was away for the week. My bookend pups kept me company, but it's nice to have him back.

My plans for the weekend (besides responding to these stupid motions) involve a pedicure, plenty of weights and hopefully a long run -- assuming my hip cooperates. How about you?

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