Monday, June 28, 2010

Technology Post

I've shamelessly been using an "extra" laptop that PhillyGuy got from work for a long time now. Like, at least 2.5 or 3 years. The battery is totally shot. Occasionally, the screen goes black for a couple seconds for no reason. To be honest, it still does the job JUUUUUST fine (at least as long as I'm near an outlet), but I'm starting to think it might be time for me to actually purchase my own.

So here's where I need you guys to come in. Do I buy a Mac or a PC?

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I've always been a PC person -- not necessarily because it's a preference, but because that's what my dad always bought. I've been using a computer since before I could read, and I've been on teh internets since I was in about sixth grade (a lady never reveals her age and all that, but let's just say it was something like 1993). Despite this, I need my computer to do all of three things (in order of importance):
  1. Access the internet. Wirelessly.
  2. Communicate with and charge my Garmin.
  3. iTunes.

I suppose if I was getting crazy, I'd include stuff like basic photo uploading and the occasional editing (meaning cropping, not fancy photoshop stuff), and I really, really like playing Spider Solitaire, but I only do that four to six months. Oh, and it needs to work with Citrix so I can work remotely if I need to, which I don't do that frequently.

Obviously, with such troglodytic needs, either a Mac or a PC is going to fit the bill. I can honestly say that the only reason I'm even considering a Mac is based on their marketing. My sister has one and I know a ton of bloggers have them, and they just look so cool and pretty! And I was in the Apple store yesterday picking up a new cord for my iPod, since PhillyGuy stole mine for his iPhone, and everything just looked so shiny and sleek and impressive. AND AND AND...if I buy a MacBook I get a free iPod touch. Not gonna lie, that's pretty convincing. Even though I already have an iPod Classic AND an iPod shuffle already.

But sweet jebus, they're expensive. That's where you guys come in. Tell me -- if you have a Mac, is it worth it? Should I buy a Mac and get the free (totally superfluous) iPod touch with it? Or should I spend the exact same amount of money and get a PC now, and possibly an iPhone in January, when my current cell contract is up?

Pretty please, weigh in. This is obviously an important decision and should not be based solely on my materialistic impulses. I would clearly prefer those impulses to be backed up by peer pressure and validation...OR to be shot down as pure foolishness.



    honestly i love mine, and i have had no serious problems. i've had small battery/charger issues, but they were within my warranty, so i got them fixed for free. their customer service is incredible.

    also, several of my friends recently have had SO many computer issues, switched to a mac and LOVED it.

    so take the plunge for the materialistic pretty. because it will also probably function better ;)

  2. MAC! I love mine so much, and have been using them for the past 8 years. I hate having to use a PC at work.

    Photo uploading and editing is so smooth with iPhoto, the computers are fast, and it's very hard to get a virus on a Mac. Apple Care and customer service is awesome.

    Once you get used to the OS, it's the most beautiful and simple thing you can have.

  3. I am jumping on the bandwagon and saying go Mac. I went mac for law school and I never once regretted my decision. I have had some minor issues but they were always fixed in one to two days. You can't beat customer service like that.

    Once you get used to the OS, it so simple and easy to use. Also, while they look expensive you can go through the educational or business part and get a nice percentage off. Plus they are so pretty and if you want some color, you can get a case.

    For Citrix, I have never used it personally but if need be you can get windows OS on your computer. That is what I ended up doing for both law school and with my new computer for work.

  4. I went through this dilemma a while ago. I chose Mac...but have yet to buy mine because with this wedding thing I don't have the money. Maybe someday...