Sunday, June 27, 2010


Morning bloggies - happy Sunday to all.

I'm currently at Panera catching up on a little bit of work before heading out to run errands. PhillyGuy offered to make dinner for my family tonight -- all 12 of us! -- so this necesitates a Costco run. 12 hungry Italians = lots of pork chops.

Working on a weekend like this brings back (sort of) fond memories of law school. When I was in school, EVERY weekend went just like this. Wake up, pack up laptop, head out to Starbucks and set up shop for hours. I had three different Starbucks that I rotated between, and the baristas at all three knew me and my order. And let's not even talk about the bar exam -- I was at the 'bux daily for a solid 3-4 hours a day with my enormous Bar/Bri books...more like 5-6hrs on the weekends.

Blessedly, working on a weekend is really a rarity these days. I tend to work 10 or 10.5 hour days (I usually bill a bit less than that -- averaging 9.3ish) and have become far more efficient. Maybe eight or ten times a year I have to work on the weekend -- it's definitely less than once a month. This is a blessing. So, when I do have to set up shop with an iced coffee, it's kind of like "awww, remember when you were a machine and did this stuff all the time? Wasn't that fun?"

Anyway - I got here, ordered a bagel and an iced coffee, and then promptly realized I'd forgotten both my blackberry AND my phone. (Yes, I have both -- the firm doesn't give us lowly associates phone service on the BB, so I carry two devices.) Not only can I not take pictures of my (refined-white-flour and nutritionally-devoid) bagel, when I stop working and head out to go food shopping, I'll be completely and totally detached from people and technology. Craziness.

Since I can't take new pictures, and I hate posting a wall of text with no visual fun, here's a picture of a guard mule we saw on the road to Hana on our honeymoon, in Maui:

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