Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Need a Pause Button

seriously! How is it already Thursday night? This vacation week is flying by WAY, WAY too fast.

I started this morning off like I have the last five -- waking up without my alarm, around 7:45 or so, with a snoring Cosmo curled in a ball up against me. I walked the pups and then came back to clean out my work e-mail while guzzling my precious Via and fending off the dogs from taking bites of my yogurt/berry concoction.

When I could stand it no more, I booked upstairs to wake up PhillyGuy. I was antsy. I wanted to hit the gym. He was still sleeping. So, I bustled around. Put away laundry. Started another load. Folded other laundry. Put that away.

Eventually, he dragged his butt out of bed and we hit the gym for some Core Synergistics with Mr. Horton.

I really enjoy Core Synergistics. As I've mentioned before, it's the type of workout where it's very, VERY easy to just go through the motions and get nothing at all out of it. But if you really focus on what you're doing, flex what should be flexed and work what should be worked, you'll be dripping with sweat. Just like I was when we were done.

It's workouts like these where I really start to notice my progress. Prison cell pushups, for example.

(Clearly that's not me. Nor is it PhillyGuy. This is just someone who's really good at banging out prison cell pushups.)

When I first did Core Synergistics, I could do three or so before I had to stop doing the pushup in the middle. Now, I can do about six full sets without cutting out any pushups. I also jump up in the air between them, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't affect anything.

A truly amazing part of this video is the all-star "cast." There's kiss-ass Dreya Weber, Adam the Cyborg, and my personal favorite, "Pam the Blam."

Tony and Blam in Plyo. Couldn't find a core synergistics picture. Couldn't find ANY pictures of Adam, which blows my mind. I need to figure out how to get a screenshot. Anyway.

Tony's nickname for her is Blam. I assumed, from the beginning, that it must be short for "Black Pam." Obviously. I mentioned this to PhillyGuy this morning while we were huffing and puffing.

"I figure in the test group, there were two Pams -- one black and one white. So Tony nicknamed them Blam and Wham."

He didn't necessarily jump on board with my theory. Apparently, he's right -- according to Pam the Blam herself, in this interview on Fitbomb, Tony just spontaneously and randomly started calling her "Blam" during filming. So lame -- so uninteresting!

(by the way, one of the first things I did after picking up P90X was googling "P90X blog." And Fitbomb was one of the first ones I found. He is flippin' hilarious -- even if you're not a P90X-er, you've GOT to read.)

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather today and got hoagies at Sarcone's. I took the pups to the dog park, and now they're comatose. Cannot believe my vacation is already so close to being over -- this week has absolutely FLOWN and it's been really, really relaxing. Definitely wish I had a pause button to stretch this out even further. I need to do this every year!

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