Monday, June 21, 2010

Hi, I am a Salmon Addict

Yesterday was a kind of insane day -- tons of errands, dog park, blah blah blah. Before we got moving, PhillyGuy and I took the pups down to Cafe Lutecia for a quick breakfast.

I LOVE this place. Tiny and very French, with a simple menu and plenty of daily features -- two or three quiches and a variety of fresh-baked scones. SO GOOD. I had my usual smoked salmon on a bagel with tomato:

and a few bites of PhillyGuy's amazing cinnamon chip scone:

(Pardon the lousy blackberry pictures!) We chilled and read the paper over breakfast before heading out to exhaust the dogs at the dog park.

Today flew by -- I had an "emergency" motion to respond to, you know? :-P By the time I got home I was exhausted and starving. I marinated some chopped onion, red and yellow pepper, mushroom and zucchini in Lupo's Chicken BBQ Marinade while I walked the pups, and then threw it on the grill with -- you guessed it -- a Costco salmon burger.

Sophie is PETRIFIED of the sound that the sliding glass door to the balcony makes. And the sound of the window opening or closing. Poor puppy.

Dinner was fantastic:

I brought a file home with me, but I've just been kind of staring at it while I screw around online and watch Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami. I do this a lot -- bring something home with the intention of billing a couple more hours, and then suddenly it's 9pm and the last thing I feel like doing is reviewing loan documents. Billable Hours Fail.

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  1. really, bagel with cream cheese and salmon and TOMATO? huh. I've only ever had it with capers.