Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

WHEW. Um, so where was I??

Oh yeah -- Friday's Phils game!

PhillyGuy's birthday was last week. As part of his present, I picked up tickets for the game. But not just ANY tickets...

Diamond Club, baby!

Yeah, our seats didn't suck. Right behind home plate, 14 rows back. Worth EVERY penny!

Any baseball game requires a hot dog. Period.

I also had a few of PhillyGuy's nachos, and we shared a bag of roasted peanuts later in the game. Any time I eat roasted peanuts, I chew the whole thing up -- shell and all. PhillyGuy was horrified at this -- in fact, he called me a "dinosaur." (Right, because that's what dinosaurs ate. Peanut shells. WTF.)

The Phanatic started the game off by acting out "Casey at the Bat" while it was being read aloud as part of a "Phanatic About Reading" promotion they were doing that night.

It was ROASTING and super-humid, but we had an awesome time. The seats were incredible -- you could see each pitch move, which was fascinating for me. I have such terrible hand-eye coordination that I considered it amazing if I could even throw a ball directly at someone's glove, let alone force the ball to spin and move in different directions to screw with someone's head in the meantime.

Massive exodus to the subway after the game:

The rest of my weekend was pretty uneventful. My hip is still really bothering me -- but I haven't even had time to make a doctor's appointment, because naturally, my week has been insane since I got back to work. Such is life -- at least the days are flying by and it's almost the weekend again!

PhillyGuy somehow managed to snag a FREE TICKET for tonight's Flyers game -- so he's down at the Wachovia Center in a huge luxury box with food and open bar. Must be nice, right?? Honestly though, I didn't make it home until after 7 tonight, and by the time I walked the pups (who LOVE to play in the rain!) and got changed, it was almost 8. I'm so, so happy to be sitting on my couch watching the game from the comfort of my sweats, while my puppies wrestle on the floor in front of me. Dinner was a salmon burger over a salad made with baby spinach, blackberries, blueberries and crumbled feta:

I whisked together balsamic vinegar, a tiny bit of olive oil, mustard and some honey for the dressing. It's good, but I definitely got a little pour-happy with the vinegar. Still delicious, but super-tart.

Salmon burgers, much like Chobani and acorn squash, are another blogworld discovery of mine. I had a coupon, so I picked up a package at Costco. Um, WHY did I forget how much I love salmon?? And how did I manage to go for so long without the convenience of something you can pull out of the freezer and cook in less than 10 minutes? THANK YOU, BLOGWORLD. I would clearly be lost without you.

How's your week going? Do you eat the shells of peanuts or am I a dinosaur?


  1. That's awesome! I wish I was there... but commuting to and from KOP was enough to make me appreciate being HOME!

    Yummy dinner!

  2. Salmon burgers??? At Costco??? I may have to check those out. That salad sounds delish, too. Hmmm...thanks for the food ideas! (Steve and I both LOVE salmon)