Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The challenges of tracking intake

So, yesterday was a big fat FAIL in terms of trying to cut back on calories. For whatever reason, it was just one of those days where I was constantly RAVENOUS. (Caps necessary.) After I posted yesterday, I did manage, with the help of a nice warm cup of orange spice tea, to force myself to wait until about 12:30 to tear into my sandwich. I wolfed that down, along with the rest of my Z-bar, in about 4.2 second flat.

I had a conference call at 2 that dragged on and on and on kept me occupied and distracted enough to avoid eating again until about 3:15. The second it was over, though, I couldn't wait any longer, and dug into my pre-gym Clif bar. Within an hour or so, my stomach was growling AGAIN, despite my second cup of tea. I ate the only other thing I had in my office, which was about 1.5 servings of everything Pretzel Crisps.

Lest you think that would tide me over, friends, fear not -- I felt strong hunger pangs during my workout. Here I am, on the elliptical, just trying to get through my 30 minutes and focus on an ancient edition of People, and all I can do is think about what I'm making for dinner. Um, ABSURD. I had a great lifting session (push -- chest, tris and shoulders), and hustled it back to my house where I feasted on leftover spiedies, frozen veggies and an entire sweet potato, sliced up into rounds and baked at 400 degrees with some cooking spray and season-all.

Altogether, I ended up around 2200 for the day, which is a far cry from the 1800 I was aiming for. But, such is life. Not the end of the world -- those days ALWAYS come up.

Today has been MUCH, much better. I'm well on target for my 1800, and that includes both a midafternoon latte AND a pre-gym Clif bar as well as the usual meals. It's reassuring to know that this isn't some absurdly low number. Counting is a big pain, but I know it's effective, and tracking what I was taking in before was a big help, so that I wasn't just setting some random, arbitrary number. Reducing my count by 500 calories per day SHOULD result in a deficit of 3500 calories each week, or one pound lost.

Tonight is a short workout -- just 20 minutes of intense cardio intervals. I'm hoping to be able to run it (rather than spin my wheels on the stupid elliptical), but we'll see.


  1. hello! thanks for stopping by my blog - i'm so excited for more philly people... we're so underrepresented in the blog scene ;) have you headed anywhere for restaurant week yet?

    i look forward to catching up on all your blog posts and getting to know you through our shiny new blogs hehe!


  2. I have days like that too, where nothing will quiet my belly! I am happy you are able to take it with a grain of salt. We all have days like that and it will even out. I am slowly losing weight now and a day here or there where I am way over calories hasn't affected the weekly losses.

  3. I think we all have days like that--when we just seem to be hungrier than usual for no good reason. They must be worse when one is dieting (I refuse to "diet" per se, so I can't claim to know this as a fact, haha). How do you keep track of what you eat? I've been using listography.com...