Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays!

So, I know I've mentioned before how much I love my commute. And I really, really do. But today, when it was raining (not that hard, thankfully!) and WINDY (um, really really hard, unfortunately), I was not quite as enthusiastic.

I have my rainy-day tricks, though. If it rains, I try not to wear pants -- skirts and tights all the way. It works quite nicely with my rainboots. Pants never fit nicely into the boots, and the creases end up getting messed up, so it's skirts every time.

I also have an arsenal of waterproof outerwear -- a full-length raincoat WITH hood, AND a bucket-style rain hat. The hat helps my hood stay up, keeps the water out of my eyes, and gives an extra layer to help keep my hair dry. I swap whatever purse I'd otherwise have been carrying (I should post about that sometime -- I am obsessed with handbags) for this great lululemon faux-leather gym bag that manages to keep everything (papers, lunch, BB, phone, and clutch with the essentials) dry, while still looking professional. On top of all of that, I carry a trusty umbrella.

But, yes. About that "trusty" umbrella. And the gale force winds. You see, today, the wind was SO crazy that it ever-so-slightly bent the stem of my umbrella. And when it bent the stem, that somehow weakened whatever mechanism kept the collapsable stem from, well, collapsing. And that, my friends, is how I found myself chasing the top portion of my umbrella (you know, the useful part that keeps the rain away) down 21st Street with the handle in my hand.

Le sigh. On top of all of this, I am just STARVIN' today. Today is day one of my attempts to cut roughly 500 calories from my previous diet. One of my cuts was to trade my normal large skim latte for a small (85 calories vs. 160). I also switched the fruit-flavored Chobani in my usual breakfast of Chobani, 1/4c granola, and fruit (typically berries or a banana) for plain (120 vs 160 calories for the yogurt).

Um, and now it's 11:40 am, and I've already eaten nearly all of my apple and a giant bite of my Z-bar in an effort to stave off my panging stomach. I'm SURE a cup of milk and some sugar wasn't keeping me that satiated, so I'm hoping this is not an everyday occurrence...but we'll see. It's taking every fiber of my being to wait until noon to tear into my sandwich. If I don't wait, it's going to be an ETERNITY of an afternoon.

Happy Monday!

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