Monday, January 18, 2010

Just so you know

Betty's Speakeasy, on 23d Street between South and Bainbridge, has some of the BEST coffee I've ever had. Creamy and delicious and...well, yeah. Also, they have unspeakably adorable fixin's -- sugar in the raw and half-n-half (don't come here looking for sweet-n-low), with tiny, mismatched metal spoons to stir.

I went there in early December to pick up a couple cupcakes to celebrate the end of PhillyGuy's first semester of grad school. One chocolate with peppermint icing, and I can't recall exactly what the other was -- something strawberry? Regardless, they were delicious, too. Just like the coffee, which I tried for the first time on a quick grocery run yesterday morning. Ever since I tried the cupcakes, I'd been meaning to go test out the coffee...but that place keeps bizarre hours. They don't open until 11am most days, which is long past my first coffee point.

Still -- flippin' GOOD stuff.

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  1. A coffee place that doesn't open until 11? I don't understand the point of that...