Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I cannot believe...

...that it is only Wednesday.

Monday and Tuesday were quite enough "week" for me, thanks. I'm ready for it to be Friday! I spent so much time this past weekend working, cleaning and running errands (including an absurdly long time spent in the vaccuum cleaner aisle at Target trying to pick out a new small/stair vaccuum...what do I know about this kind of thing?!?) that I didn't get a chance to do the more fun things I'd had planned. Like my much-needed manicure and pedicure. And a haircut. And man, are these brows scruffy...

so, THAT is what I am looking forward to this weekend.

In the meantime...yesterday's eats came out well. I dragged out the George Foreman from the depths of the under-the-counter appliances cabinet, where it has been more or less banished since we got an actual outdoor grill, and grilled myself some chicken which I threw on a salad. That I made in a big salad bowl meant to, you know, SERVE salad to a tableful of people. There are worse things in life than giant vats of fresh veggies!

Gym was good, too, but it felt strange to only do 20 minutes of cardio, stretch, and leave. As I've mentioned, I'm following an Oxygen magazine plan that calls for three days of lifting and four days of cardio, but cautions that the schedule should be followed "to the letter." So, who am I to judge? I dutifully did my intervals (and 20 minutes left me quite the sweaty mess, I might add) and headed back home.

Tonight is legs night. You may recall that last week, legs night left me all but incapacitated for several days. My butt hurt. My hamstrings hurt. After busting my legs on Thursday, I wasn't really back to normal until Sunday. I am sort of interested to see whether the same thing happens this week.

In any event...we're halfway through the week. It's SUNNY out! And court was cancelled for me this morning, which means that I'm NOT stuck on a train out into the 'burbs right now. All in all, a good day...Time to get back to work!

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  1. I've never been good at following workout schedules to the letter. I've done my own thing and found schedules that have worked for me in the past, hopefully I can do so again.