Thursday, January 28, 2010

MUCH less of a PITA this week!

I was sort of dreading doing legs last night. Not the actual workout, since I almost always really enjoy lifting, especially legs -- my legs are pretty strong and I always feel good. But, after last week's virtually incapacitating leg workout, I was really worried about saddling myself again.

I went anyway, of course. And it was (for the most part, anyway) FINE. I did:

- Squats, 3x12 with two 15-lb dumbbells, one on each shoulder
- Lunges. Ugh. More on this below, but I did three really UGLY sets of 8 lunges on each side with (wait for it) two THREE POUND dumbbells.
- Stability ball reverse leg extensions, 3x12.
- Stiff-legged deadlifts, 3x12 at 50lbs (a 20-lb and a 5-lb dumbbell in each hand).
- Standing calf raises on a platform, 3x12 holding a 15-lb dumbbell on my chest, dropping my heels below level
- Standing calf raises on the floor, 3x15 at 90lbs, using the preacher curl machine (I am SO proud of my creativity)

So, about those lunges. I don't know if it's my knee issues or what, but I am having SERIOUS trouble with these. It's not JUST my knees, although I feel a TON of pressure and some pain when I lunge with my right leg forward. It's also that, no matter how little weight I use, I feel like I'm about THISCLOSE to pulling a glute every. Freaking. Time.

It's frustrating (like many things about working out!) because I want a challenging, difficult workout, and let's face it, when you've got big ol' strong legs like mine, 3lb dumbbells do NOT challenge and build muscle. My form must be terrible. With no mirrors in the gym it's tough to tell, but that's all I can think of, because I've done lunges in the past -- even WALKING lunges -- without the same pain and pressure I'm feeling now. Guess I need to drag PhillyGuy to the gym with me on legs night to see what I look like.

I'm glad it's Thursday. It's a rest day, for one. The week is almost over. I don't have to go to court today like I thought I did (sensing a pattern here?), so I got to wear my new J.Crew Jackie twinset in burnished olive. My back-ordered Jackie cardigan in navy is coming today, instead of two weeks from now, as they had projected.


  1. A few thoughts (but I bet you already know all of this).

    1. Are your hip flexors tight? I bet they are. Try stretching them out. Also try the stretch where you lay on the floor with one foot on the ground and the other one on your knee and hug the hamstring of the foot on the ground. Know what I mean? Stretch both sides of the leg to loosen up those muscles.

    2. Are you letting your knee go over your ankle? Make sure to lunge down rather than forward.

    If all is fails, a little rest will definitely help!!!

  2. Good call on both of these. My hip flexors are constantly tight and I do make it a point to stretch...makes SUCH a difference.

  3. do you do yoga at all? I find that it really helps with my flexibility and building muscle, and yoga is great for being able to start off with really easy poses or beginners version of harder poses and work your way up so that you aren't killing your muscles and joints...