Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back to It

After Broad Street, I took Monday off from the gym unintentionally -- I had planned to work out, but ended up having to spend the evening preparing for a deposition. BOOOOOO. Yesterday, I intentionally took the day off, too. I rationalized it by figuring my body could use the extra recovery -- but really, in my mind, I knew that I just didn't feel like going to the gym.

So I didn't.

We made dinner instead -- grilled chicken for me, with half a jar of salsa, some pepperjack cheese, Fage 0 and sliced olives. PhillyGuy made some kind of pasta dish with whole wheat rotini, broccoli, chicken and onions in a vodka sauce that we had sitting around.

We were settled in, happily watching Lost and eating dinner, when suddenly, all hell broke loose. And by that, I mean that Sophie got the zoomies and went apeshit doing laps around our dining room table. That is NEVER a good sign -- so I leapt up and ran over to grab her, but not in time to stop her from starting to pee on our rug.

Ugh. So, I scooped her up mid-pee and ran downstairs. Naturally, Cosmo followed us, so I took them both outside.

Where Cosmo proceeded to pee on Sophie's head.


We ran upstairs, Sophie in my arms, and went straight up to the bathroom, where the dogs proceeded to get bathed. Poor Sophie, with her pee-soaked (okay, more like pee-drizzled) head went first. She doesn't LOVE the bath, but sits there and tolerates it. Cosmo, on the other hand, was terrified. As soon as he figured out what was coming, he froze and tried to find a way out of the bathroom. PhillyGuy hung out, trying to calm him down.

Cosmo was a good sport, though. He stood frozen and tense in the tub with his head lodged firmly against my stomach. I could see his hind legs shaking a little bit as I washed him. Poor guy -- he is such a good dog, and it's obvious his old family didn't treat him right. Yesterday, he puked on the floor after drinking too much water too quickly, and was so terrified that he ran into his crate, jammed himself in the back, and refused to come out, even for a treat.

Poor dogs. Thank god for DVR, though -- even with the 25-minute break to clean up pee, take the dogs out and then bathe them both, we still got to settle back in and watch the rest of Lost.

Is anyone else really depressed about that show now? Pretty much all of my favorite characters, with the exception of Hurley, are now dead. I can't stand Jack and Kate, and yet -- here they are. BOOOOOOO.


  1. It must be "Pee on sibling-dog's head" week. That happened to me this morning on my walk with the dogs. WTF!

  2. Wow, I really wish I had found your blog sooner! I am a new-ish runner (started in December) and just completed Broad Street. Congratulations to you! I have caught race fever and have already planned out my training for the ING 1/2 Marathon! So excited to find a Philly girl's blog!

  3. Do you know what made your dogs act all weird like that all of a sudden?

    I know that sometimes when I'm walking my two and Wendy is peeing, Rigby will go over and lift his leg to pee on her pee WHILE she is peeing...hence getting pee ON HER. It drives me freaking nuts. Thankfully I'm able to prevent it about 80% of the time.

    I agree about Lost...not really so much because so many of my favorite characters are gone (I've never really had favorite characters...just characters I disliked less than others, heh)...more so because I feel like they have dragged things out for five freaking years and now that they have to end it they are just barreling toward the finish without a thought as to how ridiculous it seems that things are moving so fast NOW, after 5 seasons of build-up and draw-out.

    (hopefully I'm making sense with that)

  4. I love how all pet owners have different names for the same behaviors. We used to say that our dogs got her "beast-ies" for what you call the zoomies. Your poor dog getting peed on her head! (Although I have to admit I laughed at the was you described it).