Friday, May 21, 2010

Dream Theater

First of all:

I cannot put into words how much I love my commute. I walk 1.17 miles (according to my Garmin -- I ran it one day because I was curious) through some of the prettiest neighborhoods in the city. Even when it's cold and not-so-gorgeous, I look forward to my 15 or 20 minutes of peacefulness. And on mornings like today, when it's mid-60s and sunny? I get ridiculously, ridiculously excited about it.

What really kills me, though? For some reason, I was wide awake at about 4:55 this morning. I flipped on the news and sat there for a minute, petting my dogs and generally thinking how awesome it was that I had a whole hour before my alarm was going to go off.

(Not that I get up when my alarm goes off. Since at least high school, I've been setting my alarm for 20-30 minutes before I actually need to be out of bed so that I can hit the snooze button a few times first. Don't ask me how I started that habit, but it's just how I roll.)

And then, I was like "WAIT A MINUTE, PHILLYGIRL. You have all this extra time. You're not tired. You're awake. Let's get out of bed and go for a run!" I was very pleased with myself. The sun was coming up, but I'd still be able to watch it rise. I'd put my Garmin out on the balcony to catch a signal while I got dressed. And I'd be able to start my day knowing I'd gotten in a good 5 or 6 miles.

Know what happened then? I must have fallen back to sleep mid-thought, because I DREAMED that I got out of bed, got dressed (I even dreamed that I was down to my one gray pair of lululemon wunder under crops and that all the black ones were in the laundry!), and got out the door. I even dreamed that my Garmin picked up a signal immediately (which should have been a sure sign that this was not reality, since that NEVER happens). And I was off.

And the next thing I knew, my alarm was going off. It was 6:05 and I was most certainly still in bed, not rocking my Garmin or my lulu's. I wanted to kick myself.

Oh well. It would have been the perfect morning to run -- but it was also the perfect morning to walk to work with an iced coffee and flipflops and a big dumb grin because it's so freakin' gorgeous out.

Happy Friday!

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