Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where is Summer??

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Seriously, Philly. WTF? It's MAY. More than halfway to June. And it's 51 and rainy out, and here I am in my office in a skirt and tights. TIGHTS. These should have been long since retired for the season. What happened to our hot, sunny, gorgeous weather?

Lame. It started raining last night around 7 or 7:30 -- right when I was getting ready to work out. I'd decided to run, but was on the fence about whether to do it outside or on the treadmill. The rain sort of sealed that decision for me.

I hopped on the treadmill with no real plan in mind, except that I knew I wanted to cover about five miles. At first, I figured I'd just run slow and steady, straight through. And then I got about a mile and a half into it and wanted to gouge my eyes out, I was so bored. So, I turned it into a speedwork session:

- 2 mile warmup at 6.5mph (I think I sped up to 7.0 for the last .25 or so, but I don't remember for sure)
- Walked about 80-90 seconds, to 19:50 on the clock
- Six intervals: 60 seconds strong run at 8.6mph, 90 seconds walk at 3.8 - took me to 3.65mi total
- 1.35 mile cooldown at 6.0mph

Total: 5 miles, 48:38.

It's been a while since I ran "fast," and I really hit my stride sometime during the third interval. It just felt amazing. I LOVE intervals. My speed is good, my form is great, I'm workin' (but not TOO hard) and it just feels RIGHT. To the contrary, during the last chunk, I was hit by a realization. One: I felt like I could run forever. My legs were great, my lungs were great, and I was pretty comfortable. Two: because I was comfortable, I was bored out of my MIND.

I guess this is why long runs and the treadmill don't mix. Physically, I could probably have knocked out another three or four miles at that pace, but the idea of staring at the clock (or, better yet, the half-finished swimming pool directly outside the window in front of me) for another 30 or 40 minutes was enough to make me consider slitting my wrists.

Honestly, the best part of my workout?

I sweat a lot. I really feel good when I sweat visibly. I'm sick and twisted like that.

Also, I meant what I said. I would die of happiness if Kendra and Hank moved across the street from me.


  1. Haha I would totally come over if Hank and Kendra move across the street from you! If I don't have a towel to cover the treadmill clock, I can't get past more than a few miles, it's torture.

  2. i wouldn't mind having hank and kendra living across from me, either. but if she chooses your hood over mine, consider you and i best friends!

  3. omg did you really @Kendra on Twitter? I love you for that. I never really cared for her on GND, but since she got her own show and put herself out there more I've found a certain fondness for her :)