Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not so Hot

blech. Not feeling so hot today, blogworld.

I think it's a combination of things.

My poor Sophie is a little injured. Until today, we thought it was one of her legs. All I know is that for the past two nights, she's been VERY snappy and growl-y when you touch her or bump her, even in the slightest. What that translates to, since she sleeps on the bed with us, is her barking sharply if I, say, move around in my sleep. Or, you know, if she settles in on the pillows next to my head while I sleep, and PhillyGuy lovingly reaches over to give her a little pet, she flips out and bites my head.

(I want you to be clear on that. PhillyGuy pets puppy, puppy doesn't like it, puppy snaps and bites PhillyGIRL's head. When I'm just minding my own business, passed the F out like a normal person.)

I'm a pretty light sleeper. So, for the past two nights, Sophie has been waking me up every hour or so.

On top of that, I have two enormous, enormous deals closing this week. That means I have to draft roughly seventy bajillion documents...by tomorrow. Since they both need to close by Thursday.

I'm yawning. I'm sleep-deprived. I'm slightly overwhelmed. And I am NOT feeling good. I ate a Clif Builder's Bar a little while ago, since I'm basically chained to my desk until I get a few more things drafted...and who knows how long that will take. Something about the bar must not have agreed with me, because I'm suddenly feeling nauseated and uncomfortable.

Can I please just go home and go to bed?

(PS: PhillyGuy took our girl to the vet this morning, where she was diagnosed with a back injury -- most likely from the wrestling and general puppy-hurricane-ing that she and Cosmo do regularly. She got a freaking CORTISONE SHOT and some anti-inflammatories. Yes, that's right -- my 15-lb dog got a cortisone shot.)

She looks thrilled about it, right?


  1. Awwww poop pup!!! She is a cutie though!! GOOD LUCK with your work-only one more day and you'll be done!

  2. Poor puppy! A month (or gosh, was it two?) ago or so Wendy hurt herself and I was freaking out about it for like two days. Thankfully whatever she did wasn't that bad and she didn't get snappy over it or anything...she was good as new within 3 days. But I hate when I can tell that my dog/dogs isn't/aren't feeling well!