Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farmer's Market and Sweaty Six

Yesterday morning, Cosmo and I took a little stroll to the Fitler's Square farmer's market.

I felt a little guilty taking one dog and not the other, but Sophie is...well...not the world's greatest walker. She's good for about four or five blocks or so, and then her little legs start to get tired, and she plops her little butt down in the middle of the sidewalk whenever it pleases her. Which is like...twice a block. That becomes a serious pain in the ass when you're carrying groceries and walking another (normal) dog.

So, I left Sophie snuggling in bed with PhillyGuy, and off we went in the sunshine.

(Can you see his awesome collar? It's pirate dogs with eyepatches. It's the collar he had at the shelter -- I never would have picked it out, but it cracks me up)

As predicted, Cosmo was a perfect gentlemen in the farmer's market. It was sort of a clusterfuck in there -- usually, it's not quite as crowded as it was yesterday, but it was almost impossible to squeeze through everyone. All I had intended to get was a bunch of fresh crimini (aka "baby bella") mushrooms, but the Jersey strawberries on the end of the row caught my eye. Even if they were a whopping $6.50 per quart, they just looked SO fresh and juicy and about a billion times better than the half flats of unnaturally enormous berries I've been picking up at Costco.


I chopped up about half of the mushrooms, and tossed them into a frittatta with spinach, chopped broccoli, some crumbled bacon and an ungodly amount of eggwhites. I've been craving eggs for a couple of weeks now, and it was nice to finally have the time to make them.

Afterwards, we took the pups for a long-overdue trip to the dog park -- where they exhausted themselves completely:

This morning, I woke up and headed out for a six-miler. This is the first "official" long run of my training schedule for the Distance Run/Rock & Roll half. Not going to lie, I wasn't necessarily feelin' it, especially when I caught the weather on the news and heard the phrase "relative humidity is at 87%" (um, worse than Broad Street? awesome). It was only going to get hotter, though, so I laced up my shoes and hit the pavement. I ran a pretty random route through the city, since I figured (correctly) that I'd have a better chance of it staying shady on the actual streets than on the trail along the river. It was hot, it was sweaty, and I did stop a couple times to stretch and breathe -- but I did it. 6 miles in about 1:01.

Let me take a minute to pimp, AGAIN, the best hot-weather running tank EVER: the lululemon run:swiftly tank.

Me, post-run:


I bought this tank the day before Broad Street, breaking pretty much all of the rules regarding trying new things on race day. And I'm so glad I did. It's looser-fitting up top and slim through the hips. It's literally the closest thing I can do to running shirtless, without ACTUALLY taking my shirt off. I barely even feel it on, and it's just so amazing for nice, toasty runs like this one. I very clearly need to buy at least one more, with so many summertime long runs coming up.

One more, cheesin' for the camera and so happy to be back in the A/C:

I wear that grotty Sam Adams Light visor on almost every run. I have since I got it when I was bartending back in college. I periodically throw it in the dishwasher when it gets too salty. I should really do that soon.

Now we're off to my mom's for a Memorial Day/family graduation celebration party. It's sunny and in the high 80's -- perfect BBQ weather. Hope you guys are all having a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I love your dog's collar! That's actually something I would totally pick out...I'm a big Pirate person, considering.

    I did laugh about the comment regarding the unnaturally large berries at Costco. What's up with that? I mean, I know that it's a store for bulk purchases, but that doesn't mean the fruit and veggies have to be oversized!