Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ghost Town

That's what my building is like right now.

The office isn't closed today -- we were yesterday, so everyone just worked from home. And really, for a day at home, I was decently productive. I didn't bill (or accomplish) as much as I would have in the office, but I still managed to bill a solid 6.4 hours, which -- when you consider the puppy begging to be played with, the sauce pictures begging to be uploaded, and the Style network begging to be watched -- ain't so bad.

But, today is a normal workday. For my office, anyway. For the rest of the building, and for the rest of Center City? Not so much. My usual Starbucks is closed -- CLOSED! DiBruno's in the Comcast Center didn't get their bread delivery this morning. Lobby of my building? Total ghost town, with maybe 2 or 3 people wandering around instead of the usual 8am rush. Weeeeeeeird.

Recap of last night's workout:

As I suspected, the gym was PACKED when PhillyGuy and I got there, because, well, WTF else do you do when it's snowing like the dickens out, and the gym is IN your complex? So, I had to split my weights and my cardio, which I don't like to do. But otherwise, I'd never have gotten a machine.

I ran 2 easy miles in 18 minutes. The goal was to run all 30 minutes, but about 15 minutes in I started feeling a tug in my knee, so I opted to cut it short at two miles and hop on the ever-faithful hamster wheel elliptical for the last 12 minutes. Good thing I did, too, because near the end of my stretch on the elliptical, I felt my IT band come a'callin. Foam roller, party of one.

Push (chest, shoulders, tris):

- bench press, 3x8 at 70lbs
- tricep bench dips, 3x8 with body weight, legs straight (when doing sets of 12, I keep my legs bent a bit)
- shoulder press, 3x8 at 42.5lbs
(broke in the middle here for cardio)
- bent over dumbbell reverse flies, 3x8 with two 12lb dumbbells
- tricep pushdowns with flat bar, 3x8 at 40lbs
- skullcrushers sets - 12lb dumbbell

For skullcrushers, I did three sets of an exercise PhillyGuy taught me from his college football days. Instead of using a heavier weight for fewer reps, you use a lighter weight and go to almost the point of exhaustion, alternating sets of skullcrushers with quick benchpresses and counting down. So, start with 7 skullcrushers, immediately follow with 7 presses, then immediately to 6 skullcrushers, 6 presses, blah blah blah and finish at 1/1. It's brutal and I love it, though next time I'll move up to 15lbs.

You know how yesterday, I was excited to be working from home in sweatpants? Well, today might be even better. I'm working FROM WORK in sweatpants.

That's right. I wore my snow boots, because, well, duh. My usual rule, in crappy weather, is to wear skirts and tights, because otherwise, the hems of my pants get wet and dirty. But, I don't know. I just wasn't all about the tights today. So, I put on a pair of black lululemon flares -- it's an older style that they don't sell anymore called the "Dig My Pant," but it's essentially fleece-lined yoga pants that aren't as tight as their other styles. They cuff up nicely, keep me warm, and stay out of the snow.

Of course, WITH the sweats I'm wearing an otherwise normal work outfit -- long navy cashmere cardigan, white t-shirt, and a long, sort of funky pearl necklace. I brought a pair of grey flannel trousers to put on when I got here. But then...I had to come in, drop my files and run back out to find coffee, since the 'Bux was closed. And I didn't want to change into heels just to run downstairs, you know? And on my way out, I ran into the office managing partner, who was wearing jeans. And then when I got back, I noticed that pretty much everyone else was dressed down.

And that sold me. Screw it, I'm not changing. Until someone calls me out, I am going to pretend you can't tell that I'm wearing fleece-lined yoga pants and not actual work-appropriate clothing, and I am going to rock my pearls with my sweats. Heaven.

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  1. I actually worked from home for 4 months last year. I HATED it, because it got lonely, but I was MORE productive, because I didn't have a commute and basically ended up working an extra half hour or so every day!