Monday, February 22, 2010

Still Basking

in the glow of my new track light. I know, I know...but really, I didn't set the place on fire. That's huge to me.

Saturday night's gym session was...OK.

I started with pull -- that went very well!

- lat pulldowns, 3x8 at 75lbs
- one-arm standing row, 3x8 with two resistance bands looped around that ever-so-useless hamstring curl machine (seriously, does that thing fit ANYONE'S body properly?)
- dumbbell bicep curls, 3x8 with 20lb dumbbells
- preacher curls, 3x8 at 42.5lbs

Then...I moved on to legs. I don't know what it was -- maybe that I wasn't wearing my knee sleeve this week? -- but I came close to pulling a hamstring during my second (or maybe it was third? Can't remember -- I should really blog closer to the event!) set of lunges. It just ain't worth it, you know? I abandoned that after two abortive attempts at resuming, and attempted to move on to deadlifts...but once again, OUCH with the hamstring, and I just wasn't going to push my luck. I did complete the following, which felt great:

- squats, 3x8 with two 20-lb dumbbells
- 1.5 (or maybe 2.5??) sets of 8 lunges on each side with 10lbs total weight
- 3x15 calf raises on a platform (heels below level) with a 20-lb dumbbell
- 3x15 calf raises on the floor with 105lbs, using the preacher curl machine

Even though it wasn't the most phenomenal, sweat-inducing session of all time, I managed to feel it in my poor butt on Sunday morning. I intended to hit the gym for some cardio and abs, but PhillyGuy (who was quite impressed with my electrician skillz) and I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to rearrange our bedroom. Which took a LOT more time than I expected, but man it looks good.

I'm more than ready to get back to it tonight, though. Even though I have actually managed to lose a few pounds, I'm just feeling...stuffed today. As in, my rings are super-tight since I'm clearly retaining water for some reason, and I don't remember this particular pair of pants feeling tight before, and now I'm wondering why I didn't make time for the gym in the morning yesterday instead of taking Sophie for a walk to get coffee. These feelings are silly and hopefully inaccurate (well, the part about the pants, anyway -- my rings are def tight!) and fleeting. We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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