Monday, February 8, 2010

I am SO. BAD.

Not only did I skip out on the sauce-y post I promised yesterday, I skipped out on blogging entirely.

I also, for the record, skipped out on the couple hours' worth of work which I REALLY should have done yesterday afternoon.

But just happens that way.

I am looking very, very forward to a nice run tonight. I ran for 30 minutes on Saturday night without issue -- a nice, sweaty, and moderately challenging 3.4 miles on the ol' treadmill -- and am crossing my fingers that my knees let me do the same.

I've been having a good, productive day, crossing things off my post-it note list, but sadly, there are plenty of items that still remain. And I haven't even had my daily so-what's-going-on-let's-go-over-everything meeting with the boss, which is always good for 2 or 3 new items. I've been consistently busy for about 6 months now, which is a first for me -- my job previously tended to be peaks and valleys. The consistency has really been nice, and it's certainly been making time fly, but it's also left me fantasizing about our impending snowstorm -- not because it will in any way keep me from working, but -- BUT! -- because I might actually be able to work from home, in my sweatpants. THAT, my friends, is pure ecstasy right now.

I've been very good about making it a point to stick to my gym routine these past few weeks, which is essential -- not just to my desire to fit into the new Theory stuff I picked up on sale (!!!!), but also to my ability to handle my workload without going (pardon my french) out of my FUCKING mind.

So, back to work for me right now, and I assure you -- ASSURE YOU! -- that I will be back tonight with that freakin' sauce post.

Happy Monday blogworld!

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