Thursday, February 4, 2010

Girls' Night

Last night I had a couple of girlfriends over to catch up, drink wine and eat pizza.

It was good.

It was simple -- I bought some whole wheat Boboli premade crusts (the ultimate in laziness, but I knew I wasn't going to feel like dealing with fresh dough), chopped up some veggies (red pepper, red onion, mushrooms, kalamata olives), opened a jar of artichoke hearts, a jar of pesto and a jar of Wegman's brand chunky pizza sauce, and voila! Make-your-own pizza bar. We made three pizzas and shared them -- one with pesto, mozzerella, asiago, mushrooms and artichokes, one with red sauce and every veggie, and one half-and-half, with pesto and veggies on one side and just red sauce and mozzerella on the other.

Everything was delicious. Except for the part where the oil in the pesto dripped over the sides of the pizza, covered the bottom of my oven and filled the house with smoke. Nothing a few minutes of open doors and windows couldn't fix, but Sophie and Jackson (my friend's puppy!) were NOT happy when the smoke detector started going off.

It felt AMAZING to take a night and catch up with my girls. I know that I spend 85% of my time either working or at the gym. When I'm home, I try to spend time playing with Sophie, and I hate going out on a weeknight -- or really, even a Friday night -- because I feel guilty that Sophie spent the whole day in her crate only to go back in for a few hours again at night. Taking a night off to have people over was really, really great -- especially since Sophie got to have a friend over, too, and spent HER night racing around the house playing puppy games.

And it's no real loss -- I was supposed to do legs last night and have tonight as a rest night, but I just swapped. I'll head to the gym tonight instead. Easy, right?

I did pretty well with eating yesterday despite the pizzas -- I had two pieces of the red sauce/veggie and one piece of the pesto/veggie. Managed to stay away from the pretzels and hummus we cracked open beforehand. Did not, however, stay away from the delicious soft chocolate chip cookies that my friend brought for dessert, or the two big glasses of red good.

Unfortunately, today is shaping up to be a challenge, eating-wise. I have a client lunch at Butcher & Singer, which is fine...but then my boss came by my office holding a plate of donuts. And not just any donuts -- fresh donuts from the Amish stand at the farmers' market. And SHE was bringing them, TO ME. I took one, more to be polite than anything else, figured I'd throw it out when she was gone...but then, no, I took a little piece of it. Maybe 1/5 of it, maybe less. No, it's not the end of the world, but I had a heavy eating day yesterday, and am making a big ol' pan of baked ziti for the superbowl this weekend. Sadly, the problem with trying to lose weight is that -- if you keep on indulging, it ain't gonna happen. And while I love my clients, I really, if given my choice, would prefer to use my indulgence budget for a night out with friends or husband.

Oh well. Such is life.

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  1. My favorite made-at-home pizza is on a Pampered Chef pizza stone--roll out a Pillsbury [canned] pizza crust, top it with chopped cooked spinach, sprinkle a little bit of Italian seasoning mix on it, top that with an even layer of jarred garlic alfredo sauce, and finish with a nice thick layer of Kraft 5 Italian Cheese mix! not healthy at all, but oh so good ;o)