Sunday, February 28, 2010


This week was AB-SURD.

Things kept blowing up at work, all week. I could recap, but honestly just don't want to. It was a lousy, lousy week -- I went to the gym Monday and then didn't go again until yesterday.

Blech. But things are looking better. I have to go in for a while today to finish up reviewing a bunch of documents that I should have reviewed earlier this week, but couldn't get to because, you know, things kept blowing up. Once I have these reviewed, I should be back on track -- thank god.

The gym felt AMAZING yesterday:

- 30 minutes on the (stupid) elliptical, random program, level 10
- bench press, 3x8 at 75lbs
- tricep dips on bench, 3x8 at body weight, straight legs
- shoulder press, 3x8 at 42.5lbs
- bent over lateral raise, 3x8 with 10-lb dumbbells
- straight bar tricep press-down, 3x8 at 45lbs
- skullcrushers, 3x15 with 20-lb dumbbell

Today, I'm debating going for a run. I know, I know -- I'm so stupid. I have an appointment on Tuesday to get my knee checked out and, hopefully, get started with some PT. I really, really, REALLY want to run this stupid race. But give me a week without really working out and I start to get stir crazy!

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