Saturday, February 20, 2010

PhillyGirl Can't Run, Installs Light Fixtures

So, it was a beautiful afternoon. Sunny, mid-40s. I really, REALLY wanted to go for a run...but after my knee pain the other night, and since I'm SO CLOSE to a doctor's appointment, I didn't want to screw with anything. So I did the next best thing.

Look, blogworld, I am REALLY proud of myself.

This may seem like a really silly, simple thing. But tonight, I installed my first-ever light fixture. Solo, no assistance, no one home except for Sophie, who was passed out with her stuffed alligator, since I tired her out at the dog park first.

My adventure started with a long, LONG trip to Ikea. Saturday + Ikea = disaster. I managed to avoid a ton of useless crap I really don't need, and left with a couple picture frames, a shelf for the bathroom, and one Tostarp five-lamp track light fixture -- it matches the one over my dining room table that my friend's husband installed for me back in September.

Let's begin:

Before (notice the empty ceiling and fixture plate):


Aww, look, twins! In the front, the fruits of my labor. In the back, the one my friend's husband installed.

And...really? THAT WAS SO SIMPLE. You match up the matching wires. Um, why did I always think this was going to be so tricky? There was a black AND a red in my fixture, which threw me for a loop at first, but about 45 seconds on google and I figured it all out.


PhillyGuy is out for the night, playing poker and staying at a friend's house. When he gets back tomorrow, he's going to be like, "OMG WHAT?" And then he's probably going to assume I had friend's hubby over to install this one, too. Hmm. I wonder if he'll ever believe it was just me?


So, now that I've managed to illuminate my living room without setting the place on fire, it's time for the gym. I have a long lifting session on the table for tonight (pull AND legs), and then I have a hot date with my puppy, the couch, and probably a whole lot of fetch.

Happy Saturday all!

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  1. Congrats to you! I always just let the man of the house figure out/do stuff like that ;o)